By Scaredwitless - 28/01/2011 04:35 - United States

Today, my roommate decided to prank me by leaving a fake suicide note on the bathroom door and lying motionless in a bathtub full of water and red coloring. When I went, horrified, to take a closer look, he lunged at me and screamed. I was so scared I pissed myself. FML
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Omg, psycho roommate! So, that's where they got the idea for The Roommate:P

To catch a sneaky glimpse at his Willy


Omg, psycho roommate! So, that's where they got the idea for The Roommate:P

amazing ass prank. i woudlv died of a heartack

your pic is scary

ass pranks are the best pranks!

Hidan_fml 0

Give your roommate a high five for me for pulling off this amazing prank.

+1 roommate -9999999999999 OP

hatepineapple 14

#5, is that an "amazing-ass prank" or "amazing ass-prank"?

That's fucked up but funny as hell. lol

babyale760 0

I would of punched him straight on the face. then I'd cry but that's just me.

bahahahahaha xDDDD now I wanna see the roommate o_O

Susieee_Q 9

OP, your roommate has a very crude, odd sense of humor....

i beg to differ, they have an awesome personality

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Hala Madrid puta barca:)

sbharani96 4

he could be Muslim but still live in France.

MurphyJB 0

#85 You are aware someone can be Arabic, or any race/nationality for that matter...and live anywhere in the world, right? It's a pretty amazing concept, I know.

ZeeBest86 6

People r so ignorant...you can be an Arab and not be muslim. Arab=ethnicity Islam=religion my fiancé is a Christian Arab.

KingCeltic77 18

I got a classmate who's an Arab Christian.

I'm confused.... Weren't we talking about OP's roommate and pranks?

That's actually a really good idea.

amayaa_fml 7

why would you take a closer look?

gusgus36 5

to see if he's still breathing or actually dead?

To catch a sneaky glimpse at his Willy

to see if he wants to play xbox, why else would they take a closer look

Lets say you walked into your bathroom to find somebody dead in your bathtub. What's the first thing you'd do?

LMFAO:D thts a beast prank;))

HedgehogHead, your pictures kicks major ass!!! :D

I wonder how long he's been waiting for you in that bathtub... That's just a little creepy and sad.

guilio_2008 0

I would of initially laughed and seen if there was a reaction and if he didn't move, called the police and fucked with him back.

Piss in his cologne, I've heard it's never been done

cant7see7me7 3

7 wasn't that another recent post?

ahhh, buddy that's the joke. kinda missed the boat eh?

Sashadiscovery 0

hey, it was done already. my dad with his friends piss in cologne of his roommate. Unfortunately roommate never realized it and. used that cologne for another 2.5 month. My dad got to share room with him all this time.

surge_408 0

Wow thats actually a really good prank. no offense to yu pissing yourself. hajaha but thats hilarious! though your friends an asshole hajaha

Thank you for giving me a prank to try on my siblings, OP.

that's a horrible prank! I love to trick people in any way but I wouldn't fake a death in that way!

your username really suits this FML.