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By o___O" - 10/05/2013 20:11 - Belgium - Brussels

Today, while at the supermarket, a complete stranger ran up to me, got down on his knee and confessed his love for me. He was obviously mentally unstable, so I gently declined. He started crying very loudly in front of everyone. I still don't have a clue who he was. FML
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michaelm1290 23

Well now you blew my cover...

Was he proposing with a Ring Pop from aisle 4? I hope someone grabbed some rice from aisle 7 and flowers from aisle 2 for the ceremony. Tissues for the lunatic are in aisle 12.


michaelm1290 23

Well now you blew my cover...

wlddog 14

"Today we have found our way to the feeding grounds of these majestic creatures. We are sure to find some great research here and if we are lucky enough we just may catch one of the native species cooking their own food."

Dude, no. Way too long. You gotta learn when is enough.

You quiet. I like these stories, but I'm confused as to why there was leaves in the supermarket.

wlddog 14

The leaves or plant life is from the flower department at the super market. They almost always have one, and the crew is a national geographic crew.

PoopNuggetLeader 4

39, I love these stories, so have a hot cup of STFU.

I thumbed that up without even reading it. I love these.

Maybe it was just a prank. You might be on youtube.

pastispast 7

i wonder what kind of medication he was on or someone dared him to do that

My guess is that it was a dare, but I guess you'll never really know. There are quite a handful of loonies out there, judging from this website.

Well that's sort of flattering in a strange unnerving way... I'm sure with time he'll get over the rejection :p

His achy breaky heart. Poor guy. :(

Should she have said yes? Don't think he is the victim here, it was more awkward for OP here.

Well, yeah. I make it a rule to always say yes to every creepy guy who randomly proposes to me. Doesn't everyone?

Shortay123 14

There's not much else you could have done better in that situation. Except maybe given him a hug and a slice of cheesecake.

bamagrl410 31

Cheesecake fixes everything

Xquisite1 28

Haven't you learned from this site already; that hugging a weirdo will only lead to him eventually trying to unhook your bra as he hugs you!

or maybe he just noticed her and, being mentally challenged as OP said, took a shine to her and thought that meant he loved her? fair play to OP for handling the situation instead of getting freaked out and being rude like most people would have

Was he proposing with a Ring Pop from aisle 4? I hope someone grabbed some rice from aisle 7 and flowers from aisle 2 for the ceremony. Tissues for the lunatic are in aisle 12.

If she's going to have the ceremony there, she has to invite only 10 guest or less so she can avoid the long lines at the registers and leave without a hassle.

And no annulments unless you have a receipt!!!!!!!

jramirez16 9

Talk about the perfect place to propose. Lol

Mortoli 30

Maybe next time he shouldn't propose to a random stranger in the super market. A restaurant or the beach might get him lucky.

10, you don't get it. He could've been a stalker, in which case he knows OP, but OP doesn't know him. Here are all possible scenarios: 1. Dare 2. Insanity. 3. Stalker. 4. Smitten by OPs looks. (unlikely, but possible)

I am pretty sure 10 was joking. He was saying a supermarket is not romantic enough to get a yes from a random stranger. Next time the proposer should go with a cliché restaurant or beach. I thought it was funny.

49, it depends on how you approach that random stranger. If you say, land a helicopter on supermarket's lot parking lot, walk out of it wearing suit, and propose, it might work on some people. It'll cost a lot of money, though. There are other ways of romantically proposing at supermarket, but they're all insanely expensive.

kaimariebee 15

Don't be surprised if you end up on YouTube.