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  deviable  |  9

So you're telling me, that if you could get an oven that cleans itself, you would pass it up for an oven you would have to scrape out like a bad crime scene? Good luck with that.

  Marcelb  |  17

17 - I'm guessing that by "such an oven" she didn't mean an oven that cleans itself, but an oven that cleans itself while cooking food. You'd think it was made in a way this wouldn't happen. So... It's either a crappy oven, or it's simply broken.

It's not a YDI though.

  ambamm135  |  7

Lol obviously you have not broadened your horizon as far as the culinary arts goes. Searing and then baking steaks is AMAZING, especially when it's a filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a garlic crust on it. Delicious!

  sparkrok  |  8

113 - how true! I live in Roy, and todays weather was amazing. it went from gray to pouring down rain and wind for fifteen minutes, then it was sunny for fifteen minutes, and then it started to snow! I don't know if it did in Seattle, but it sure did here. for a good half hour. none of it stuck of course, but it was still snow. then it went back to sun and rain. wonderful western Washington...


First off do you know how an oven cleans it's self? I'm assuming you don't cause after you run the self cleaning on it you still have to clean it out. It's not like magical dwarves and animals of the Forrest are summoned to clean it. It just gets extremely hot and burns everything to a crisp. Then you just wipe it out