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Today, my oven decided that it was going to lock and clean itself right in the middle of cooking my steaks. FML
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Dude steaks need to be grilled at a BBQ!

wtf? I have never heard about an oven like that.


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your quick enough for the first comment yet you can produce anything good

So you're telling me, that if you could get an oven that cleans itself, you would pass it up for an oven you would have to scrape out like a bad crime scene? Good luck with that.

17 - I'm guessing that by "such an oven" she didn't mean an oven that cleans itself, but an oven that cleans itself while cooking food. You'd think it was made in a way this wouldn't happen. So... It's either a crappy oven, or it's simply broken. It's not a YDI though.

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I guess those steaks were beyond broiled. My oven has done that too, you need a ridiculous code to make it stop.

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Who cooks a steak in the freaking oven?

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Maybe he mistakes it for the dishwasher.....?

yea I made the same misteak before. terrible really.

Dude steaks need to be grilled at a BBQ!

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Exactly. You deserve that for not grilling them

Lol obviously you have not broadened your horizon as far as the culinary arts goes. Searing and then baking steaks is AMAZING, especially when it's a filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a garlic crust on it. Delicious!

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Unless you live in Seattle like me, where it is always raining..

113 - how true! I live in Roy, and todays weather was amazing. it went from gray to pouring down rain and wind for fifteen minutes, then it was sunny for fifteen minutes, and then it started to snow! I don't know if it did in Seattle, but it sure did here. for a good half hour. none of it stuck of course, but it was still snow. then it went back to sun and rain. wonderful western Washington...

Maybe they don't have a BBQ! A BBQ is a privilege!

130- oh yes! We got snow, rain, sun, and hail all within a couple hours. Silly western Washington.

wtf? I have never heard about an oven like that.

Neither have I. Now I'm scared my oven is secretly smarter then it appears and is plotting my death.

I have. They aren't that new but are still more expensive.

I have a self-cleaning oven....I think it's time to switch back to my old oven.

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Oven: "**** you I won't do what you tell me!" *Washes self*

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Can't blame the oven it doesn't know what its doing with the steaks, so it decided to clean them

mankind is becoming so lazy with self cleaning products :/

I'm pretty sure OP didn't want the oven to clean itself. Hence the post on FML.

First off do you know how an oven cleans it's self? I'm assuming you don't cause after you run the self cleaning on it you still have to clean it out. It's not like magical dwarves and animals of the Forrest are summoned to clean it. It just gets extremely hot and burns everything to a crisp. Then you just wipe it out

30- You sir, are wrong. My oven does summon dwarves and fae creatures to clean it out. Maybe mine is just better than yours.

Every time the fae come to clean mine I get those damn tuatha and they break everything :( I want yours

110- I was not speaking in reference to the new game that came out. I was speaking of the far of old with the ancient beliefs.

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Didn't you listen to Authur Weasley? You should never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can't see where it keeps its brain!

Aw, that's what I get for reading the word 'Author' on FF too much. Combination fail.

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user error. that's bull. I'm not buying that it did it by itself. u prob hit or bumped the wrong button.

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This change occurred while no one was in the kitchen. User error, I think not.