By michellemoyah - 25/02/2012 05:04 - United States

Today, I went to a dance with the boy I like. To my delight, he tried to pick me up. To my dismay, he couldn't. FML
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RawEndo 1

u should rip her friend a new one

K_kanaka 26

Don't worry OP may be he's just really really weak...hopefully.

Cookies don't cause problems, they solve them!

That's the second time today that I liked a comment and it turned to 69 lol

sickjairo 7

The name so nice you say it twice Moto Moto

He couldn't pick you up because you are fat, your fat because he couldnt pick you up..... I failed.

RawEndo 1

Since when do push ups help you carry people?

stevenJB 25

Back and bicep muscles help you here...and legs obviously

jerseyboy732 16

'Cos you gotta watch out for the calories in those Wheaties...

don't let it get you down. maybe he has a bad tendon or sprained his shoulder the day before...or maybe he's just weak

smileypoop 2

how could it get her down if she couldn't even get up?? :D

CaliGali 9

Sounds like you both could use some working out

GoW_Chick 14

...or he could use some working out.

...or he can stop fooling around and absorb android #18 already and achieve his perfect form. Then hold a tournament to decide the fate of Earth. (sorry, I've been watching dbz lately..... I have no life, don't worry, I know.)

28- I don't see a problem. I couldn't lift up my girlfriend before I achieved my perfect form. Now that I have absorbed Android 18, I can twirl her around with both hands tied behind my back.

GoW_Chick 14

Now time for some awkward conversations around the punch bowl!

perdix 29

Why did this comment get so many thumbs down? It's quite good! Please judge a comment on its content, not who wrote it. If you have a problem with GoW_chick, deal with it some other way than keeping the rest of us from seeing her work. My suggestion is that you skip over her comments and don't let your hatred of her corrode your soul. The rest of us want to see what she has to say.

Who doesn't like GoW_Chick? Her comments are cute, fun, and quite innovative. Perdix, I think your defense of her made enough people thumbs up all the thumbs down. Good work. ;)

I thumbed up her comment before I read Perdix's comment. Cause I'm a fearless ******* savage

Do, or do not. There is no "try" - Yoda. As a subtle hint, suggest he watch the movie "pumping iron". Unless of course, his strength is not the problem. FYL either way.

At least the boy you like likes you. Exercise and practice will help.

You need to put your back into it boy!!! And bend your knees!