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  kay71095  |  9

It hurts so much! That happened to me at my moms house, and after I showed her the disgusting burn she was like "oh there is a hole in the oven mitt" -__-

  Nylecroc  |  0

13 I love those shows!!! they are the best!!!
15 That doesn't help! I'm thinking All That thought. I think Amanda Bynes dresses up like an old lady and says that line. Maybe I'm wrong.

  iSwag  |  0

LMAO Sean FTW! I used to say that all the time... yea it was Amanda dressed like an old woman

"Kel, grab me an umbrella, an air bag, and two baby giraffes, and meet me at the gas station"

By  Ragnir  |  0

I haven't trusted oven mitts since I had a somewhat similar thing happen to me before, I usually just fold a kitchen towel and get things out with one of those.. That better be the best damn pizza you've had in awhile by the way, you sure did pay for it!