By Jlipka - 22/05/2010 02:33 - United States

Today, while house sitting, I went to take my pizza out of the oven, not realizing that the oven mitt had a hole in it. FML
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no 64 you're dumb. the fml clearl says op didn't realize there was a hole. therefore they got burnt.


Mmmmm mmm good. You don't need hands to eat pizza... Not really anyway.

gzmn91 6

Ha. You got to eat the pizza right? That cancels out the FML :D

Oh my goodness. That'd hurt like a bitch.

I have done that, I feel for you. that burns like nothing else. FYL indeed.

It better of been good pizza like thin crust supreme or meat lovers or barbeque chicken or somethin good and not peperoni!...

Giorgio272 2

dang that has gotta hurt. you should sue them lol.

that sucks balls, you know what... **** Your Life!!

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oww did you drop the pizza D:

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were you high like on grandmas boy? this anti flood is gay

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32, what'd she do to you? Lol. But yeah, I'm sorry OP that happened to me before. :(

did the kids u were babysitting learn some new swears?

erika_lynnex 1

house sitting? more like loser at home with no life

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why didn't they throw out the oven mitt? is the economy that bad?????

It hurts so much! That happened to me at my moms house, and after I showed her the disgusting burn she was like "oh there is a hole in the oven mitt" -__-

Amanda Bynes Show? Edit: Or All That?

EV34 6

how do you even remember those shows? hahaha I used too watch them when i was younger :P

13 I love those shows!!! they are the best!!! 15 That doesn't help! I'm thinking All That thought. I think Amanda Bynes dresses up like an old lady and says that line. Maybe I'm wrong.

I dunno, I can't really remember either.

Lmao Sean! I leave that noise on a few of my friends voicemails. Amanda please!

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LMAO Sean FTW! I used to say that all the time... yea it was Amanda dressed like an old woman "Kel, grab me an umbrella, an air bag, and two baby giraffes, and meet me at the gas station"

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anybody remember cousin skeeter?

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#15: lol courtneyy from the amandaa show :))

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#48 yeaaa that show with megan good and that kid from one on one :)) i thouqht no one rememberedd that ! :D

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so what I've done that too and I've burnt my back on a clothes iron. easily a dumb fml

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"who likes orange soda? I do I do I do-hoooo"

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hell yea I loved that show I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers. :)

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noo 21- it's here retarded number 1 fan that says that!!!

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yall are dumb! maybe op saw the mitten before hand and didnt get burned but she just couldnt get the pizza out!(:

no 64 you're dumb. the fml clearl says op didn't realize there was a hole. therefore they got burnt.

Had an exquisite aftertaste of human flesh.

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Whatever you do, don't sue the owner for negligence. Only a total asshole would do that. In fact, forget I said anything.

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Idk about you, but I don't pick up pizza with my fingertips and I have more than one hand... And anyone who needs to wrap up a burn is a pussy.

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just saying the pain of getting burned with a pan 350" would hurt any regular person. unless you don't have nerve endings

It would hurt but it wouldn't prevent you from typing.

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Bah let's agree to disagree

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I burn myself with my 410 degree flat iron pretty hurts bad for a min but it's not an FML..quit being a baby n man up!

um there are these amazing things 99% of all humans have there called thumbs

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would the real slimshady please stand up?

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And put one of those fingers on each hand up?


Don't you check stuff before you use them? Besides, wouldn't you have felt an increase of temperature in that specific part of the mitt where the hole was?

I haven't trusted oven mitts since I had a somewhat similar thing happen to me before, I usually just fold a kitchen towel and get things out with one of those.. That better be the best damn pizza you've had in awhile by the way, you sure did pay for it!

so u're not eatin the pizza now, are u? :b