By Samm Povich - 25/02/2012 05:36 - United States

Today, while working as a police dispatcher, I took a call for a motorcycle accident that occurred near my house. After obtaining all the essential information I realized the rider was my brother. He doesn't own a motorcycle, but I do. FML
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I see some family friction in the near future...

CaliGali 9

Hope he's ok OP things can be replaced but brothers can't.


Hahaha now I'm the second comment!!!! >.

Llama_Face89 33

No matter what comment you appear to be, #17 you will still be an idiot.

DCFan 9

You DID* own a motorcycle. That sucks op... Insurance? Hopefully.

Maybe if you have insurance and if he's not hurt, everything will be fine! :D

Be happy your brother isn't dead. You can always buy another motorcycle, but you can never buy another brother.

I see some family friction in the near future...

Look at it this way what are the odds of u getting that phone call n finding out if he's alright or not?

So is your brother okay? You seem more worried about the bike than your family! To me that is a bit f*cked up!!

Well his brother did steal and damage his property so..... I mean yea I hope the brother is okay, but he really shouldn't have taken the bike without permission...

Don't worry 42 I'm sure if his brother was actually hurt he'd be in the hospital or something not making fml's. Obviously he's ok, the bikes not though!

42 & 52, op doesn't state their gender. Don't automatically assume op is male just because op owned a motorcycle. Females could just as possibly own a motorcycle!!!!

71 Don't make a big deal out of something that isn't, please. Thanks.

tjv3 10

Correction you used to own a motorcycle . But on the bright side you are the proud owner of a junk sculpture

Although he seems to be an asshole, I hope that nobody was hurt..

Wow, I hope he's OK. Although I'd be pissed.

CaliGali 9

Hope he's ok OP things can be replaced but brothers can't.

Jewlz1162 5

I agree i dont get along with my little brother but if that was him i wouldnt care about the motorcycle

TheDrifter 23

Sure they can. It's just a bit of a wait, and an argument with your mother.

jerseyboy732 16

I have always wanted to do that. But just before you do, scream, "PIIIIKA CHUUUUU!" :P

I'd rather be emperor Palpatine; force lightning!

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Like assault.

M0rt 0

I'm pretty sure taking the motorcycle is illegal. Like theft.

Wow I thought this said "taste" his ass when you get home..

Alexh15, I got expelled my freshman year for having a taser on campus, I actually did that to someone. It was fun in the moment, but a horrible mistake that I regret.

that's unfortunate but you gotta do what you gotta do. that sucks

As a fellow bike rider, the first thing I would say is, I hope the bike's okay...! I hope your bro is fine but still, he deserves it for stealing it in the first place.

You hope the bike is ok? What about your brother that fell off the bike what a ******* moron you are.. My brother takes out my bike alot and if he dumped my bike, the bike would be the last thing i worry about.

HannahWho 8

Obviously the brother is ok, if they were critically injured I doubt Op would have posted this.

GoW_Chick 14

I say tazer his ass when you get on scene, won't really solve the problem, but it'll make you feel better. Edit: damn you 6 for being just a little quicker at the draw.

Lizzy500 16

Dispatchers don't carry mace or tasers, and they don't "arrive on the scene". Jeez, can't anybody READ anymore?

TheDrifter 23

It's a family emergency, most departments would let op go check on him.

In this case he will arrive at the scene after his shift is over because it was near his house.

K_kanaka 26

Dude sorry OP. Hope your brother is ok. Hopefully this knocked some sense into him.