By Samm Povich - United States
Today, while working as a police dispatcher, I took a call for a motorcycle accident that occurred near my house. After obtaining all the essential information I realized the rider was my brother. He doesn't own a motorcycle, but I do. FML
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  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

Well his brother did steal and damage his property so..... I mean yea I hope the brother is okay, but he really shouldn't have taken the bike without permission...

  DooleyFTW  |  17

Don't worry 42 I'm sure if his brother was actually hurt he'd be in the hospital or something not making fml's. Obviously he's ok, the bikes not though!

  loopsy_fml  |  14

42 & 52, op doesn't state their gender. Don't automatically assume op is male just because op owned a motorcycle. Females could just as possibly own a motorcycle!!!!

  joeytheman  |  10

Alexh15, I got expelled my freshman year for having a taser on campus, I actually did that to someone. It was fun in the moment, but a horrible mistake that I regret.

By  Dramori  |  29

As a fellow bike rider, the first thing I would say is, I hope the bike's okay...! I hope your bro is fine but still, he deserves it for stealing it in the first place.

  DRoCC69  |  9

You hope the bike is ok? What about your brother that fell off the bike what a fucking moron you are.. My brother takes out my bike alot and if he dumped my bike, the bike would be the last thing i worry about.

By  GoW_Chick  |  14

I say tazer his ass when you get on scene, won't really solve the problem, but it'll make you feel better.
Edit: damn you 6 for being just a little quicker at the draw.