By burned - 24/05/2009 13:44 - United States

Today, my boyfriend was cooking me dinner. He walked away and I decided to help by giving the pan of veggies a sautee flip. My boyfriend failed to mention that he had just pulled that pan out of a 500 degree oven. FML
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if he walked away then why is it his fault for not mentioning how hot it was?


ouch, do you want some ice for that burn? if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! can anyone think of another cliche?

why would the oven be 500 degrees? Don't you usually bake at around 350-375?

Today, I decided to be sweet and cook my girlfriend dinner. I took the pan out of the oven, placed it on the stove, and went to grab something. My girlfriend grabbed the hot handle, burned her hand, dropped the food all over the oven and floor, and blamed it on me. FML

If you're sauteing veggies in a pan...why was that pan in the oven? This just doesn't add up.

he wasn't sauteing veggies, she just decided she wanted to flip the pan

I often broil vegetables in a pan at 500 degrees, so it makes perfect sense to me. It's the best way to make kabobs and things like that.

#1, that's epic, lmao.

if he walked away then why is it his fault for not mentioning how hot it was?

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because she's not smart enough to think before she grabs a hot pan but doesn't want to admit it

if he was cooking dinner and you came in and just picked stuff up why would he bother telling you

"The woman should be the one in the kitchen." Wow, that's not sexist at all...

Pot holders are your friends, my dear.

ur pic makes u look angry and creepy. u should buy a kitty thats what i do

Don't just walk up and GRAB A PAN. You'd suspect that because you're a woman you'd know better than that. Masters of the kitchen, my ass.

I'm gonna have nightmares now after seeing your picture.

Ahh me too:)

why did u use that pic 

What if that's what his face looks like? :s

only common sense can save this one.

aw that sucks..... well hhaha its yours and his fault so...

How was it his fault at all? He didn't know she was going to just walk up and move the Pam.

don't blame it on your boyfriend....

Do NOT interfere in the kitchen! Just sit back and let it be cooked for you one night...otherwise you will be owned.

He didn't mention the pan of cooked veggies was hot? Blaming your boyfriend, for the fail!