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Today, my new roommate moved in. It seems that instead of using toilet paper like a normal human being, she instead opts to use the nearest towel in reach. I found this out when I went to dry off with mine after a shower. FML
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  Horde  |  8

Don't hide your towel. Use one from a drawer, and treat your one 'neares towel in reach' with some hot pepper spray. That will teach the bitch to respect property!

  Dalliance  |  4

I babysat a kid once who did this. He'd had explosive diarrhea and used the towel to wipe his legs that were dripping in nearly liquid feces. But he was four.

  luccmon  |  6

Nobody said it was college. Roommate applies to anyone living together in any given dwelling..... But having cleared that up, your question is still valid.