By poop towel / Thursday 15 September 2011 19:43 / United States
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Don't hide your towel. Use one from a drawer, and treat your one 'neares towel in reach' with some hot pepper spray. That will teach the bitch to respect property!


I babysat a kid once who did this. He'd had explosive diarrhea and used the towel to wipe his legs that were dripping in nearly liquid feces. But he was four.


I've heard caking shit into your hair is the secret to all the Jersey Shore character's incredibly immobile hair.


Nobody said it was college. Roommate applies to anyone living together in any given dwelling..... But having cleared that up, your question is still valid.

That sucks. Keep your towels with you in a drawer or something and only take them to the bathroom when they need to shower?

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