By Karmaisabitch - 18/05/2012 06:07 - United States - Boulder

Today, I wanted to prank my roommate. So, I thought it would be funny to take all the toilet paper out of our bathroom. She thought it would be funny to wipe with my cashmere sweater. FML
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I thought wiping with your sweater was funny too actually

nicesprites 4

Can't say you didn't ask for it.


I thought wiping with your sweater was funny too actually

it sure will teach you to hide the toilet paper from your roommate now wont it?

Why was her sweater in the bathroom?

dsbs 9

Wow what a prank. Hiding toilet paper?

tjv3 10

Ultimate payback. You might want to quit while you are behind. Or go completely insane and have her submit to being bested. Extra points if you cause her to have to go to group therapy

nicesprites 4

Can't say you didn't ask for it.

Who leaves a sweater in the bathroom?

I know plenty of people who leave their clothes in a dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom. Didn't know it was that uncommon.

citymayer 7

It's not uncommon. People are just stupid.

Dr0reos 8

Ahhhhj cashmere, so soft on the skin *sigh*

*pinches sweater between fingers* Is that... Cashmere?

also, 37, my laundry room was combined with the bathroom at my old apartment. it's not uncommon at all...

jerseyboy732 16

As much as OP deserved some sort of repercussions I can't help but wonder what sort of person would wipe on clothing.

reddudeover 2

6 - This wasn't payback, op's roomate is just gross. A prank done in good humor where they didn't harm anyone or their property doesn't deserve this. 39 - Exactly, and the answer is a nasty one. So if op hadn't removed all the toilet paper she would have done it anyway instead of asking for some toilet paper like an adult or if no one's home getting some. Hell even of there's none in the entire house hop in the shower!

39- Your profile pic makes me a wee bit sad. Trust no man, fear no bitch? I always heard it, Trust no bitch, fear no man. (And by bitch, I do mean bitch, not woman.) Either way, some guys really aren't all that bad. :)

It's not an attack on anyone, I just like the image as a whole. I have issues in the trust department and have been stabbed in the back a lot so kinda sums my life up thus far.

raiganator 10

Only the toilet paper? Lame. You shouldv'e taken the fill hose out of the back and pointed it at her; that way when she flushes, all of the water will spray on her.

Cowboy1986 4

That would've been EPIC!!!

7- Considering the roommate wiped his/her back end on OP's sweater simply for hiding the TP, I'm thinking it was lucky Op didn't add to the prank. The response may have been....catastrophic. :P

Should have take the sweater too while you were at it :D

really, you remove everything you could wipe with and the thought didn't even cross your mind when you see your sweater lying behind? You're pretty bad at this prank thing OP.

citymayer 7

To be fair, who the **** wipes with a sweater or any other clothing when there's no toilet paper? I'd sooner use a towel than clothing. Clothing is for wearing. Towels are for messes.

The point is revenge. Somehow I doubt Op shares cloths but they probably share towels.

Devin91 20

Or how about really opportunistic? Smart isn't the word that comes to mind.

Before I read sweet I was ready to go off on you for saying something with shitty in it. Sorry, force of habit. I thumbed you up instead.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, and revenge is sweet, is revenge ice cream?

Shadow_Phantom 26

Ah, a lovely example of a YDI...

Funny? That actually sounds quite smart. Mmmmmmm comfy too. Hope you have some brown pants to go with that sweater.