Mr Clean

By Jenn - 18/08/2021 09:59

Today, I discovered my new boyfriend doesn’t have toilet paper. He has a toilet cloth, which he instructed me to rinse off in the toilet after I was done. FML
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Nikki 16


Run Away and fast


Nikki 16


Exactly what I was going to say.

Run Away and fast

When you choose to date the 3rd world populace, you become the 3rd world. Congratulations on leading the way.

xxlk4xx 6

and that would be a no from me 🤣

that would be a deal breaker for me. nope

TruthSoothsayer 3

Seems sanitary. Hopefully he's at least got the blue water toilet tablets.

I think your auto-correct may have acted up a bit here. What you probably meant to write was "super gross". No need to thank me.

TruthSoothsayer 3

Sarcasm is difficult to convey via text sometimes.

That's how you get a disease... leave now.

Check, please! If anything triggers an immediate ghosting, this would definitely make the list!

FakeFriendMagnet 1

Sounds like it's time to get a new boyfriend.

randybryant799 20

Holy crap. That is beyond disgusting. That's a definite deal breaker. eewww