By Jordid - 19/08/2010 04:12 - United States

Today, my Mom felt the need to walk around school and tell everyone to be nice to me because I just started my period. FML
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You should tell all of her co-workers to be nice to her when she reaches menopause.


It could have been a lot worse! your mother could have felt the need to tell everyone she copped it anal last night from your dad?!

well now you've got an excuse to bitch at people.

haha 9 your comments have made me laugh lately

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You forgot you're still her little baby :D

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9 i think that was your funniest one rofl

Anyone notice that she said "cause" instead of "because"? :

Anyone notice that she said "cause" instead of "because"? :

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It could have been worse, she could have walked around holding your hand.

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op u should say thanks mom for saving me the trouble of pmsing on anyone who pisses me off xD lol that's priceless

#1 Your background is awesome. NIN rules. **** anti flood. **** anti flood.

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who the **** cares, 31? jeez. bitch. damn op. that must suck.

19 **** YOU , ROFL. YOUR ALWAYS SAYING "It couldve been alot worse!" you don't know how anyone feels! -_- it's called empathy?!

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thats a mother for ya....:/

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Next time she's being grumpy at a social gathering do the same.

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Yeah, fyl, that sucks, but did OP just watch her mom go around and telling everyone?

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ydi for telling your mom your on your period.


Maybe it was her first and she didn't know what to do even though she should and she needed to ask her mom what to do.

orrr maybe she's a mature individual and didn't care if her mom knew since I'm sure her mom gets it too? but I mean now I'm sure she's regretting sharing this with her mother :P

I miss Snickerdoodles..I thought she was great. :-(

she kinda has no choice but to tell her mom If it was her first one....?

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well if you get your period then you need to get something to back you up as soon as possible so she prob just asked her mom

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Agreed ^^ . Don't tell your parents anything

OMG!! Maybe you should've taped her mouth shut with a pad!!!

YDI for even having a period. That's your soul escaping, so you'd better figure out a way to put it back in if you don't want to become undead. YDI for going to school. YDI for capitalizing the word "mom". YDI for saying "cause" instead of "because"; they are 2 separate and distinct words with 2 separate and distinct meanings. YDI for having a mom.

Not really. They just get all of the absurd 'YDI's out of the way before anyone else can.

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That's Gotta Be Down Right Embarrassing.

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She has a Team Edward shirt on, give her a break. Even the mentally challenged deserve love.

lol she is so mentally challenged for loving Edward, Jacob is clearly better:P

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Team stfuyoutwilightfagsitsallaboutharry.

47, I really hope you were joking. If not, we at FML are fully prepared to throw your 12-year-old self over a bridge.