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By  drybamboo  |  0

You need one of those little baskets to carry to and from the bathroom. When I had roommates, the only personal things I left in there were tampons.

Also, your roommate is gross.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Revenge time! I think you should be using their bed linen as toilet paper... or take a shit in 4 seperate bags and hide one in each of their rooms.

Alternatively you could just get them drunk and passed out, and then either fart in their mouths, rub your ass on their faces or put your balls/dick in their mouths.

By  RenoEnvy  |  0

Revenge would be using their toothbrush to clean the toilette, after you've used it... as in USED IT, USED IT.

They'll be cleaning their teeth with poopy! =)

Sorry that happened to you. =(