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  BMaC101  |  0

#33 Sucks for you. But that's not the point. the thing is.. Her mom walked in on her. OP You should learn to lock your door or learn how to lock it. Why would you do it if she was home anyways. I'm assuming you are underage. So the best time to do it would be when she's not home. Have fun being grounded and learn from your mistakes!

  glen12  |  0

errr yes it is illegal for people under 16 . the only reason y they allow minors to buy condoms and the pill is for moral reasons, if I don't supply this kid with condoms he's gonna have unsafe sex and have babies. seriously yr a seriously dumb shot for saying it isn't illegal

  KateeJo  |  0

Actually #94, there is a legal age to have sex. it varies from where you live but there is a certain age. Even if they're both the same age and it's under the legal age, they would be breaking the law.

  Fedor_is_KING  |  0

FML I'm so bored I just read all seven pages of comments. And I have too say, might wanna keep these convo's private kiddies. imtoogood25, your #230 comment was the fucking LULz. Oh yeah, might wanna watch out for fireboy, he sounds pedo.

  xlossofmex  |  0

All three of you are retarded. especially a 15 year old who doesn't know United Stares capitals or what a trombone is. With your brain, you are either going to be a great fast food restaurant manager or some kind of stripper / prostitute. Have fun with that.

Also talk on AIM or something. No one wants to read your boring conversation except to see how much dumber the responses get .

  perdix  |  29

samantha_durano, jetpackzach and fireobsessed,

I admit that I have indulged in some long off-topic convos in the past, but I have never seen anything like what you guys have done! FML has provided a lovely Private Message system that is ideal for discussing private matters one-on-one. Of course, if Sam were enjoying the threesome, she could have chatted with those guys elsewhere.

Guys, it was really not smart to post your phone numbers here. If you start getting weird, awful crap via text and voice, you have only yourselves to blame.

I find it ironic that while the main page of FML covers "mature" topics, the nice people of FML have taken the really "mature" ones to the special section of "Intimacy" to make it a little harder for minors to view them, and here we are in an "Intimacy" topic hijacked by minors.

Please try to think when your conversation may no longer be interesting or entertaining for the general readership, it's time to go private.

By the way, good job, Sam! Way to go converting the gay Zach to heterosexuality in just a few keystrokes! ;)

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Whether this is an FYL or a YDI depends almost entirely on your living situation and location. Live with mum and left room door unlocked = YDI. Live on your own and mum has the key = FYL. Your next family dinner should be quite entertaining.


Jetpackzach are you a girl or guy? I'm slightly confused because you said you did this with your boyfriend but then you're tellin this girl she's hot and your name is Zachary after all.... -_-"

By  sykes831  |  0

wonderful, just what your mother wants to see you and your boyfriend doing. def fyl and your mothers life because you have certainly scarred the poor woman.