By hannah12345 - 26/02/2010 17:54 - France

Today, my mother walked in on my boyfriend licking whipped cream off my nipples. FML
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at least u wernt having ... so look on the bright side

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wow you must be a ten year old girl shiva

Too be fair, if there are parents in the vicinity, it isn't a good idea to partake in any nipple licking activities without a locked door.

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wanna come over fr sow whipped cream action? I don have a lock

This is true. When my girlfriend still lived at home they didn't even bother putting a knob on her door.

IDK what they will say, but / this. Im betting they will be right.

dam snickers its okay... stop getting all up in peoples junk o.O

lucky bastard. being a virgin totally sucks

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that's why u do it somewhere else besides ur house specially if ur gonna do kinky stuff!!

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#33, that's a lie. society says that soo much youre starting to believe it. don't.

Thanks, imdeborah. I was about to say the exact same thing.

I've done that with my boyfriend before but we didn't get caught....

I completely second this, That IS the best way to have whipped cream, after all.

I agree especially on a nice tall muscular man sausage

Simply say you were saving water by not using dishes!

#33 Sucks for you. But that's not the point. the thing is.. Her mom walked in on her. OP You should learn to lock your door or learn how to lock it. Why would you do it if she was home anyways. I'm assuming you are underage. So the best time to do it would be when she's not home. Have fun being grounded and learn from your mistakes!

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#35 is hottt. were u the girl getting ur nipples licked?

wow people who say "they were of illegal age" r stupid. it's not illegal to have sex no matter what the age, as long as it isn't rape.

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94 is right as long as ones not 18 and the other younger it's legal, just dishonorable

errr yes it is illegal for people under 16 . the only reason y they allow minors to buy condoms and the pill is for moral reasons, if I don't supply this kid with condoms he's gonna have unsafe sex and have babies. seriously yr a seriously dumb shot for saying it isn't illegal

that would be a sticky situation!!!! (pun intended)

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hey number 90 u should be my friend cuz ur hot

133: hm, not much just talking to alot of people. you?

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144: hahah :) and I'm guessing your name is zach.

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haha that'd wht my boi toy says!! lolz but I'm glad this ain't happened to me

nope Scott. haha just kidding!! yeah it is

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I keep gettin som antiflood protection gay thing WTF

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if ur mom says no or somthin just mak 1 w/o tellin her....

157: fifteen. 158: I don't likkke facebook :) that's why I don't have one ^.^

good job I don't have facebook either!!! it's gay and I'm 14

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@60 umm its whipped cream. its not flavored.

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sooo nice som ppl get it. r u guies on touches or computers??

lmao I'm confused but okay. so wait what's a trombone?

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Actually #94, there is a legal age to have sex. it varies from where you live but there is a certain age. Even if they're both the same age and it's under the legal age, they would be breaking the law.

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ur welcome Samantha! why did u wanna know? and touch

becuase there was another fml with a trombone and people were making fun of me becuase I didn't know what it was... lmao.

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Sam what state do u liv in I no somone named Sam that looks just like u

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mines lik buy me this buy me tht let's go c a romance movie she's sooo high mantance (I hope she doesent c this)

well I was gonna ask her out right after the only class we have together but this other guy did right before that class

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oooh that sucks. I made my ex cry x) and he's 2 years older than me.

198: no I do not. zach: I answered this already, hehe :)

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oh my god ......fml comments section =/= msn!!! lol

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zach: laying on my bed talking to you two. 210: my parents check the texts AND the number and freak when they find a different area code, sorry. they're so protective!

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delete history, sa I moved.....

they go online, wierrrd I know. and my parents don't trust me anymore lol.

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hii Jake. I used to be madly in love with a guy named jake lmao. zach: I know huh. what are you up to?

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y dontthey trust u??? what's so sweet???

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Samantha talking to 2 desperate 40year olds haha

because I lie to much, hehe. 206: you can join us too!:)

Hi mom wanna join in? OMG thatd be hilarious!!

219: lmao, maybe but I don't really care I'm ******* bored hahah. zach: awesome.

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219 I'm 15 I'm proally gunna dump my gf tommrw

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224 I challenge u to prove this

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too high maintainance always wants me 2 play the guitar 2 her

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226 prove what whoose hot. thanx. :)

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u no wat I'm thinkin me nd Sam should go out.......

zach: it's GAY AS ****. but it's all good :) jake: uhh, no lol. what's your face: thankyou ^.^

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gay as **** what the hell.....

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what do ppl call u Sam Sami samantha

jake: all of the above. zach: no my comment got cut :( it used to say: zach

lol no it keeps messing up! well it's gay cause I'm bored and my friends ditched me.

it's all good, I guess :( I moved so yeah they're forgetting about me. it sucks :(

oh yeah I'm sorry I've moved a lot I hate that

mee too :( but thankyou jake and zach for caring ^.^

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lol, huhh? sorry you lost me I'm not to bright :P lmao! we took up like three pages of just talking hehehe:)

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haha yeah I know!! which one should we go to?

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the most recent. I'll b there. first comment section

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yeah not the first one too many people just stay here

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zach u hav 2 admit tht Sam is smoken hottt

265: thankyou :D sorry I'm really bad at.. letters or whatever.

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evey1 else has 2 agree but were lik the only ones on Sam. I would b lik my bff nd **** u on the 2 date. ( jk ofcorse)

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who the hell is 88 this is the 200s

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don't tak it personally Sam but ur damn sexy

lol, jake you need to calm down. but thankyou :)

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I can't type what I wanna sa cause it'll cause a lot of trouble. did u evr realise tht othr ppl can c this conversation????

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zach do u hav a fone I could txt u on????

lol zach! dumbass, everyones going to call you now lmao. and hey you put a picture up.

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I'll txt u tommr mornin do u no what really sux. bein a virgin

haha I don't care nobodys gonna read the fifth page of comments

lol oh okay I guess that's true hahah. I'm going to steal your glasses, btw.

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Sam do u wanna keep ur virginity????

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mine r better were arguin ovr 50 cent plastic

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(Sam do u have big boobs or none). I no sorta like private so ya don't hav ta answer. but if u wanna...

uhm, medium I guess? hahah. it's cause I'm hella skinny, er that's what my friends say lol.

why would they freak? that's retarded but say I moved there from another state and I kept my old phone number

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what's urs Sam I don't hav txtin aftr 1000 mon - fri, till 11 on weekends u???

I don't want to say it on this becuase i'll be stalked hahah :) but I'll text you sometimme.

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change ur pic tommr nd I'll put 1 up

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not tht ur nt hott in tht 1 cause u did c what I said b4

omg stfu nobody cares. takes this convo shit somewhere else. and yes, that sucks OP!

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nicaloo lipstick bitchish person

haha. it's funny cuz ur a guy lickin cream off another guys nipples. lmao

wait.. where does it say it's a guy? I'm pretty sure it's a girl but I could be wrong!

328: it doesn't say the gender on this one but I'm pretty sure it's a girl too lol.

especially since the username is Hannah something haha

sam, ur so cute ur directing all the attention off this fml ad seeing those 2 dudes drool over you is hilarious :)

FML I'm so bored I just read all seven pages of comments. And I have too say, might wanna keep these convo's private kiddies. imtoogood25, your #230 comment was the ******* LULz. Oh yeah, might wanna watch out for fireboy, he sounds pedo.

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@329, you really don't know what Ty or a trombone is? lol Look it up  and please talk somewhere else.

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#334 exactly what i was thinking... ye she looks hot but those 2 guys r probably wanking to her right now

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All three of you are retarded. especially a 15 year old who doesn't know United Stares capitals or what a trombone is. With your brain, you are either going to be a great fast food restaurant manager or some kind of stripper / prostitute. Have fun with that. Also talk on AIM or something. No one wants to read your boring conversation except to see how much dumber the responses get .

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I don't giv a shit if u txt me it just shows u hav no life

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fireobssesed is desparate and trying to smash Sam. lawl

perdix 29

samantha_durano, jetpackzach and fireobsessed, I admit that I have indulged in some long off-topic convos in the past, but I have never seen anything like what you guys have done! FML has provided a lovely Private Message system that is ideal for discussing private matters one-on-one. Of course, if Sam were enjoying the threesome, she could have chatted with those guys elsewhere. Guys, it was really not smart to post your phone numbers here. If you start getting weird, awful crap via text and voice, you have only yourselves to blame. I find it ironic that while the main page of FML covers "mature" topics, the nice people of FML have taken the really "mature" ones to the special section of "Intimacy" to make it a little harder for minors to view them, and here we are in an "Intimacy" topic hijacked by minors. Please try to think when your conversation may no longer be interesting or entertaining for the general readership, it's time to go private. By the way, good job, Sam! Way to go converting the gay Zach to heterosexuality in just a few keystrokes! ;)

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hahah it happens to all of us ... well most of us ;) if u know wat I mean

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@samantha d - wach how that fire guy is a pedo

NIRVANAfan123 0

eww-offence intended snickers

ashlynn610 12

Dude, I can't even understand what you are trying to say.

fireobsessed 0

345 FYI I dumped my (now ex) gf today

NIRVANAfan123 0

@365 we need to kno this why?

fireobsessed 0
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ooh.. nyway im bord now so wat happend with the sam g?

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@ 206 agreed. Oh my...did I just agree with a leafs fan?! o.O

369: I left because people were getting mad x)

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can I seduce you??you sure are gorgeous

arnt you allowed to spell the word sex..pfft.

NIRVANAfan123 0

you rely care if ppl get mad at u on an fml comment page?

NIRVANAfan123 0

383: haha wat hapened wit dose guy? u txted em? cuz ther idiots fr putting ther fone numbers on the internet

384: I completely agree with you. 385: hahah, I know.

Whether this is an FYL or a YDI depends almost entirely on your living situation and location. Live with mum and left room door unlocked = YDI. Live on your own and mum has the key = FYL. Your next family dinner should be quite entertaining.

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jetpackzach looks like Justin beiber

Riyu55 0

Samantha wat part of washington do u live in.

NIRVANAfan123 0

394: justin beiber is gay like that zak kid

ajrhockey5 0

371, yeah leafs suck, nice pic.

sweetcheeksjvl 0

Jetpackzach are you a girl or guy? I'm slightly confused because you said you did this with your boyfriend but then you're tellin this girl she's hot and your name is Zachary after all.... -_-"

xChaos 29

I'm just here to tell you that you've had the most replies I've ever seen. Congrats.

at least it would have been a slightly normal thing that people usually do.

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hot mom daughter action, the holy grail of threesomes

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provided the mom isn't ugly as hell.

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fml, it would have been funny if you don't live with your mom though.... * senses are tingling!*

the real fml is that it took 5 freakin pages for the #2 comment to get up!

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@348 seriously. ******* kiddies need to take their convos somewhere else.

bubblybrooke 12

oooh this is so much funnier than I thought it was, cuz I read it first as putting and not licking.. aha xD

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awkward!!! at least you covered whith whipped cream! hahaha

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shit happens lock ur door next time

wonderful, just what your mother wants to see you and your boyfriend doing. def fyl and your mothers life because you have certainly scarred the poor woman.