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Today, I went to the Doctor's for a mole my husband had said was, "growing and changing color". It turned out to be a wood tick. My husband knew, but said it was too "icky" to take off himself. FML
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Next time he wants a *******, tell him it's too "icky".

Did you punch him? I would've punched him.


Yeah, because telling them solves the problem, doesn't it.

The wrong thing. Scared her with thoughts of cancer for an insect. Yeah, that's not a bright side.

Better he said something than not.. Some ticks can cause permanent diseases.

Next time he wants a *******, tell him it's too "icky".

Good to hear, 12. Still upset that I missed the "dick is as icky as a tick" pun, though. Thought of it 2 minutes after posting. XD

I think OP should have saved the tick and put it on the dick after sexy time.

Hopefully his dick is not the size of a tick...

Never have I heard either of those two words used so frequently in a conversation, or together in not one, but multiple sentences.

Lmao, oh no you didn't! *snaps fingers*

Girlfrien' you need to leave his stank ass!! Uh huh!

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If I had a candy bar every time a white girl tried to be black, I'd be fat.

Revenge is sweet. You know his weakness now. :)

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That just seems evil for some reason.

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Well you sound ticked off, looks like he's got another cross on the naughty column...

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Anyone else have to google what a wood tick looked like/was...unsure if I should've known....

You're 28 years old, you should know what a tick is by now

Well, no. They can live in an area that is not a habitat for ticks, or may have never been exposed to ticks, just like me and many others.

I too have no idea what it is and I'm too scared to look it up.

I've seen a removed tick in a ziplock bag but fortunately never seen (or had) one stuck in my skin

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Yea ive only seen pictures. Im sure we have them where i live but all ive ever seen is fleas

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I know what a tick is of course. The "wood" was throwing me off.

I would've asked to see it myself before going to the doctor, that way I can evade such situations. Quite useful, try it out.

Where on Earth was this tick on your body that you couldn't have examined it yourself?

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On their back, under the butt, behind the knee, in their hair in the back of their head....

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You'd be surprised. Last time i was at the doctor to have a couple moles checked out (skin cancer runs in my family), the doctor found one on my upper back thigh i didn't know about. Some places are just hard to examine. Believe me, there's a surprising chance there may be places on your own body you have never actually seen

"It's like you're my mirror My mirror staring back at me" #15 That's different. It was a place pin-pointed out. The OP knew exactly where to look? And I'm sure once the doctor showed you, you looked at the spot he was speaking about. Any part of me, could be seen with a mirror plus a hand held one. If there was something growing on me, even if I thought it was just a mole, I'd like to see what my husband was talking about. :P

Still, there are many places that are hard to see, even using a mirror or two.

why would you use mirrors when we live in a world that has cameras and smartphones?

Anyone else who moderates FMLs going pants over that full stop at the end?