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  mahdi8130  |  8

Wait but did the mom got scared when you walked in, and her hand shake a little causing to cut his ballsack. I mean there is very large chance of that happening.

  totheforest84  |  4

But if you gouge your eyes out that would be one of the last things you ever saw. I don't think I could live with that. Seriously though I think open deserves it; knock next time you want to go through a closed door.


It would've been a lot harder to "unsee" if her dad was giggling and enjoying himself while the mom was shaving the sack. If he was just stoically standing there like "Yeah, she shaves my balls, so what?" then it wouldn't have been too bad. Probably... :/

By  theredheadriot  |  6

yikes! u aren't supposed to shave those! loool

  charvisioku  |  22

I can't say that it really matters. In fact, I personally think guys with shaved pubic areas look ridiculous. But that's just my personal opinion, obviously.

  aj94w  |  4

By your logic I should let my parents shag in front of me because, hey, they're human and I should let them have fun. Do you see where your argument should I put it...fucked?


I'm assuming they were either doing it in a room where OP would not ordinaryily knock, such as a kitchen or had not closed/locked the bathroom door and therefore OP assumed it was vacant.

  SakataGintoki  |  9

Yes but if OP knocked and mom jumped; jolting her hand that's holding the razor to OP's dads "Happy Sacks." then I think someone just got an in home neutering for free :P so honestly I don't think Knocking would be a very bright idea in this situation...

  TheOath  |  12

But how would OP know what's going on on the other side of the door? X-ray vision! But then again, there'd be a lot of things you wish you wouldn't have seen.