By mathhhh - 26/02/2010 17:57 - United States

Today, I missed points on a math quiz because I thought 2 times 5 was 20. I'm a math major. FML
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You were probably tired. it happens to the best of us. I once absentmindedly asked if an airplane was 50 miles long.


doink 0

You were probably tired. it happens to the best of us. I once absentmindedly asked if an airplane was 50 miles long.

Lol agreed, we all make stupid mistakes like that on tests, still a funny story though

IDK what they will say, but / this. Im betting they will be right.

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You get points for that? Hmmmm, i guess YOUSUCK isnt right.

Not necessarily true... depends entirely of the professor. I had a few professors with an "all or nothing" kind of grading scheme.

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B'jaysus! I thought I was bad at maths!

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B'jaysus. yea, Ireland. slang. etc lol ;)

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I sometimes think 5 times 5 is ten

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Yup. Those self absorbed bastards with the do or die grading mechanism.

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hahaha that's funny but I say stuff Like that all the time Too! lolz

lol yeahh 86 same. I would probably do something stupid like that 2 coz I suck at maths.

agreed. mistakes happen, but you probably felt extremely stupid: so fyl /: by the way; j just lost the game! >.<

so a math major is being asked what 5 x 2 is on a quiz?Hmmmmmm

this is what my teacher calls a sme. or silly math error

146, it could have been part of and equation or something.

just a mistake u were probably tired and maby confused 5 wiv 10

Were you confused when you attempted to spell " maybe"?

Tired or stressed: i once answered that 2x3=5 in a math exam because i was so stressed i read the x as a +...

Huh, I just use one of my many calculators.

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It's just a careless mistake, you couldn't have missed too many points off...not really an FML.

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^ I completely agree. Mistakes happen, but it's not that serious. YDI, OP. :)

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bye bye fml community, I am going to a place far from normal civilization, and wifi....

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we're all stupid, don't sweat it. just hope prof. knows.

maybe you just thought the two was squared?

AngryNinja 1

nope. two squared is four, times five is twenty. thanks for playing, please come again.

I believe chicken_lover interpreted the comment as the 2 being superscript to the 5, thus making 5^2 and resulting in 25. I could be wrong, but I think this is just a failure in communication.

AngryNinja 1

thanks for clearing that up, bopps. now that i think about it, you're probably right. xP

Anytime. Oh, yay, I have a nickname! bopps... It has a nice ring to it.

no like 2 squared is 4 then 4x5 is 20 because exponents come before in the order of operations

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uhmm who's fault is that for doing drugs?

amazinggbaby 2

I think it's your moms fault for having such an ignorant child.

hahaha easy mistake :-( your teacher should have looked if you would have gotten it right if you didn't make that simple mistake and given you the points anyway