By mathhhh - 26/02/2010 17:57 - United States

Today, I missed points on a math quiz because I thought 2 times 5 was 20. I'm a math major. FML
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You were probably tired. it happens to the best of us. I once absentmindedly asked if an airplane was 50 miles long.

not anymore ur not


You were probably tired. it happens to the best of us. I once absentmindedly asked if an airplane was 50 miles long.

Lol agreed, we all make stupid mistakes like that on tests, still a funny story though

haha hilarious

IDK what they will say, but / this. Im betting they will be right.

You get points for that? Hmmmm, i guess YOUSUCK isnt right.

Agreed with #1. We all have our days!

Not necessarily true... depends entirely of the professor. I had a few professors with an "all or nothing" kind of grading scheme.

B'jaysus! I thought I was bad at maths!

B'jaysus. yea, Ireland. slang. etc lol ;)

I sometimes think 5 times 5 is ten

Yup. Those self absorbed bastards with the do or die grading mechanism.

dumb ass

hahaha that's funny but I say stuff Like that all the time Too! lolz

lol yeahh 86 same. I would probably do something stupid like that 2 coz I suck at maths.

agreed. mistakes happen, but you probably felt extremely stupid: so fyl /: by the way; j just lost the game! >.<

#50 FTW

so a math major is being asked what 5 x 2 is on a quiz?Hmmmmmm

this is what my teacher calls a sme. or silly math error

146, it could have been part of and equation or something.

just a mistake u were probably tired and maby confused 5 wiv 10

Were you confused when you attempted to spell " maybe"?

Tired or stressed: i once answered that 2x3=5 in a math exam because i was so stressed i read the x as a +...

Huh, I just use one of my many calculators.

It's just a careless mistake, you couldn't have missed too many points off...not really an FML.

^ I completely agree. Mistakes happen, but it's not that serious. YDI, OP. :)

bye bye fml community, I am going to a place far from normal civilization, and wifi....

Bye bye, pearljammer!

I also agree with #2.

not anymore ur not

#2 do you have the downs

#9 find some respect.

ehh it happens

same #5 ahaha D:

we're all stupid, don't sweat it. just hope prof. knows.

maybe you just thought the two was squared?

that would be 25.

nope. two squared is four, times five is twenty. thanks for playing, please come again.

2^2 is 4. 4x5=20

I believe chicken_lover interpreted the comment as the 2 being superscript to the 5, thus making 5^2 and resulting in 25. I could be wrong, but I think this is just a failure in communication.

thanks for clearing that up, bopps. now that i think about it, you're probably right. xP

Anytime. Oh, yay, I have a nickname! bopps... It has a nice ring to it.

no like 2 squared is 4 then 4x5 is 20 because exponents come before in the order of operations

uhmm who's fault is that for doing drugs?

I think it's your moms fault for having such an ignorant child.

hahaha easy mistake :-( your teacher should have looked if you would have gotten it right if you didn't make that simple mistake and given you the points anyway