By weezer - 21/02/2011 13:07 - United States

Today, my boyfriend walked in on me in the bathroom. That's how he found out that I wax my nipples. FML
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lock the door?

so you groom yourself. would he rather you braid it. tell him you shave your legs too.


How is this a FML?

lock the door?

simple as that

my thoughts exactly.

right!!! i mean why wouldnt you lock the door?

What if her door didn't have a lock?

salh 2

then it wont be a bathroom, or maybe it will, but really weird nvrtheless

I only clicked "YDI" because you should lock the damn door if you are doing something like that. Hell, you should lock the door for pretty much anything you do in the bathroom.

KayKayVictoria 0

you wax your nipples.? WTF. doesn't that hurt.? I bet your boyfriend was like "uhhhhh WTF" Bahahaha.(:

itsbrookebixch 0

Lmfao ik right!

KayKayVictoria 0

not much you.?

Night_terror 0

hey kaylee what's up?

haha I agree with you kaykay :)

nicole1784 0

ik! I kinda find the whole fact that she waxes her nipples is just kind of grody.

For reall wax your nipples? I mean Comon a little arm hair and even a little lip hair but on your nipples?

nothing better then some smooth tits lol

holy shit that's a lot of downvotes

darklight549 2

Pics or it didn't happen

cheex87 0

hahaha I'm sorry but I happen to find this hilarious! hey at least you don't have hairy nipples.

anymore lol

Brap_brap 0

^^ win

but rather wax it than hairy?

kcnutt10 1

Waxed her nipples. Can you read? It's not in some secret code you have to decipher.

LoneStarTexan 6

dude chill can't you tell she's a blonde :P

Avenged7Gabe 0

I used the english language language properly, that's what

Just because she is blonde, does not give her ANY excuse to be dumb.

73-You didn't capitalize "English." Take that Captain Sarcasm! =P

Blond? Sh must be smart then.

100- *Blonde

DinoTsar 4

You didn't end your sentence with a period. :3

salh 2

dont you mean a full stop?

Actually 121, it can be spelt either. Before you correct someone's grammar make sure you're actually right.

shyeahh_fml 19

153 - I'm not sure if this is correct, but I was taught that girls are blonde and guys are blond.

ElectricGhost_fml 5

ewww haha that's gross

ask him if he wants his nipples waxed and watch his face go white.

He then looks down and says "I never knew it could do that"

FYLDeep 25

Hairy tits? I've never seen such a thing. Do you wax your bread and mustache too?

If you have to wax your bread i'd say it's probably time to throw it out....

Seen it? I've never even heard of it. Sounds painful. Do you even have feeling left in your nipples, OP? YDI for not locking the door. Preserve the mystique. FYL for having hairy nipps though.

pinkballoon 0

This makes me wonder...where else does she wax?? Hairy nipples woof

It is actually pretty normal for girls to have some hair on their nipples. You've never heard of it / seen it because most women pluck / wax / use hair remover.

I've seen man nipple hair too, sometimes 6+ inches long. *cringe*

93- where did you get your picture from? it's awesome!

aligurl 0

What's bread?