By Anonymous - 04/03/2010 10:06 - United States

Today, my mom walked in on me and my boyfriend having sex. She was completely embarrassed (as was I) and she flew out of the room. My boyfriend, on the other hand, still wanted to finish. FML
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I wish I could fly :(


Horney4her69 0

I hope she did. sucks when you don't get to finish.


and u asked her 2 join

oh oh oh oh oh! I got first :)))))

FHL for you bein a selfish tramp and not letting him finish.

she "flew out of the room" to go ride her dildo. she finished the job, you should have too

mmastermetallica 0

finish only if time permits, she has to get back to the kitchen asap! or go hot it from behind while she makes the sandwhich. moms busy w her dildo anyway apparently

The FML is that the mom walked in. It's a good thing her bf wanted to finish or else he would show up on gaydar.

myman47 0

how close to finishing were u

sounds like my ex when I was already past curfew once again and my dad hated and he always wanted to pull in a abondoned parking lot to have a quicky EVEN THO I WAS ALREADY PAST CURFEW. ugh.

you have a good man on your hands

WhatANoob 0

A quicky? fun fun fun fun fun in tha car

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u always let the guy finish

thats what you get dont do that if your not grown up enough to live on your own.

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hey! you can't get a guy started and not let him finish!


kingace 0

haha 109, i read that and thought of mortal combat.

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did ya?

keyword "boyfriend" not husband. that's what u get for not having your own place and being not being married before you have sex. I say UDI for being and idiot and having sex before marriage!

#102 why? Plenty of guys don't get the girl to finish every time.

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My boyfriend is really awesome. FML

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#3 awesome dp...

MetroidSlayer01 8

anytime someone is "walked in" it is an automatic ydi!!!

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u 2 are hot were r u from

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fourth bitch

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lmao !

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Win Tripout.

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nope! don't people lock doors anymore. you deserve it for not using your brain

my room doesn't have a lock on the door...prob for that reason... that's also probably why I don't have a comp in my room...or that im unable to send pictxts....hmmm

I don't have a lock on my door either :( my parents won't let me have a cp in my room either

PsychoMerk 0

I wish I could fly :(

this made me laugh :D

Hahaha that's great. 17 the OP said the mom "flew" out of the room.

ElMetalero 0

lmao i could imagine her just flying out the window

o0XMzMayX0o 0

why are u having sex in ur house?maybe that's why you get "interupted".....

cantfightfate 0

is she supposed to have sex outside? most people I know have sex in their house...most the time anyway :)

Right you have sex in YOUR house, not mom

OP lives with their mom .. *facepalm*

as if u wouldn't keep goin wats the worst that can happened have sex n not finish it of ur mum knows who cares get the job done n enjoy urself atleast u can b happy about somethin

then finish! don't deprive him, give the man what he wants ;))

Your use of the English language scares me.

When I read this the first time, I thought you walked in on your mum sleeping with your that's a FML.

mileycyrusisgay 0

You didn't wanna finish too? She already KNEW what you guys were doing. Might as well have continued.

Yeah, but that's a bit of a mood killer. For OP at least. The boyfriend is a bit of a pig.

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finish what'cha balls suck!

trottsky4 0

that's called blue balls , shit sucks