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  jdub28  |  0

agreed, who won't lick whipped cream off nipples, OP should've put strawberries on them also and said "here is a healthy alternative, now lick it bitch!"

  cmac86  |  23

agreed. @Karina said: thank you for not writing "first".

op: you come to the south in the US anytime and we'll treat you right. we know how to treat women, both historically and in modern times.

but another thing, I didn't know Australia had whipped cream.

  OffMySack  |  2

"bitch im on a diet i ain't lickin unless its low fat" ur probably not his only choice so he can say whatever he wants cuz ur on his nuts.if he was sprung on you then it wouldnt have mattered if it was too fattening

  PaintTheStars  |  2

I don't think he could be anorexic. isn't anorexia when you think you are fat and is really thin and then you lose weight until you are skin and bones?
I could be wrong tho

btw I love ur shirt :)

  sertralinaa  |  2

Thank you, I love it too! :D Well, I used to suffer from anorexia when I was in high school and all I was thinking about that time was calculating calories from food. If the OP's boyfriend isn't anorexic then he must be orthorexic or something, you know, the obsession with healthy foods only. Weird.

  chelseabelsea  |  0

#45, That's anorexia nervosa (not sure of the exact spelling), it's basically almost the same thing as anorexia
But it's more of a mental thing where, as you described, the person believes they're fat when they are actually not.