By fml - 07/03/2010 15:46 - United States

Today, I agreed to let my boyfriend cover every inch of my body in whipped cream and lick it off. We were both enjoying it until his 9 year old sister walked in and started crying. FML
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BrookeTrueblood 0

Why the hell would you do that with a 9 year old in the house?

ever heard of locked doors?? or u like traumatizing your younger sister at such a young age!


Hahaha you gotta love children but ydi, also lock the damn door.

stop bitchiness and sck his dck and make him a sammich

#1 is so right. Why would you engage in something that time intensive without locking a door? And who was going to do the laundry after this endeavor? BTW, was she crying at the waste of whipped cream?

fmlsrfunny77 0

wow u guys are such idiots mabye he doesn't have a lock on his door but op u should try blocking the door with somthing (or do that when no ones around)

dorkrockz 0

haven't u heard or locking the

livluvlaff8 0

well... YDI for doing it while his sister was home but u probally got in a lot of trouble with his parents for that!

boomerfeb13 0

this is why we have locks on doors

hahahah!! you probably scarred her for life! ydi for not buying or using a lock or even doing that kinda thing with a 9 year old in the house! kinky.

livluvlaff8 0

wow u probally got in a lot of trouble with his parents

she just envied the GF hence the crying obviously :-P

has anyone seen 2010 yet? that shitts hella funny. i cried my asshole off.

xoconnie 8

wow ur retarded. dumb butt.

Melkezidech 0

Maybe she just wanted some wipcream? Incest any one?

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she cried cuz yall used all the whip cream

tehamericanboy94 0

ROFL that's awesome! I wish my girl was as cool as you, but for OP I think the girls life is ******, not yours.

some doors dont lock whoever posted first... *mumbles dumbass*

CrazySmileyFace 0

aww I want to do this with my bf... that's so hot. O_o kinky much?

well, at least she couldnt see anything!!!! lol

Itzmeh 0

She was crying because there was no more whipped cream for herself

she was probably cryin cuz you didn't ask her to join! seriously when I was 9 I dreamt about that stuff!

@101 the op is the girl maybe there wasn't locks cause it was in the kitchen lol probly not though

Not all doors come with locks but all doors are capable of being installed with locks. Bottom line is, if you can't lock everyone else out, you should not attempt something like this or, at the very least, not be surprised when people walk in.

cincyboy 0

wow I guess people don't lock doors these days

op, always lock the door. jeeze. and who does that with a 9 yr old around? they are old enough to somewhat comprehend whats going on..

holy jeezus I mean COME ON! (her?) can't repeat what #1 said enough times, if you have no rooms with locks in your house for some odd reason, don't do this!?!

# 49, can I lick whipped cream off you? I don't have a sister

baby_val 0

yepp but heyy still I love doinn this hehehe

"Today, I noticed we were out of whip cream, so I went to ask my brother and his girlfriend if they had any. I walked in and she was covered in my whip cream and he was eating it. Now I can't have any. FML"

bioshockguy 0
Howdyplz 2

Why would they even being doing that in a room with doors that don't lock? I don't think I would if I knew there was the possibility of being walked in on. Op deserves it.

why would you do that of you had any chance of being walked in on?

ever heard of locked doors?? or u like traumatizing your younger sister at such a young age!

She probably thought he was eating his Gf.

^^^ that would have scared me and I'm 17...

well damn have the little girl join you I know If I walked in a room and saw a girl covered in whipped cream when I was nine my first intention would be to get a spoon and start eating that shit... though I would have had a tub of Ben n jerrys beside meh to hehe ^^

yourlifesfucked 0

people people! his sis was just crying because she was making a sundae and the only whipped ( pronounced w-hipped) cream in the house is now ****** flavored.

lesabber 18
BrookeTrueblood 0

Why the hell would you do that with a 9 year old in the house?

Olympian94 0

Speaking of enormous...lmfao

xoconnie 8

lol good one^^^ you made me laugh!!!! hahahahahaahhaahah

i got a bj when i was 9 from a 11 yr old girl. what was she crying about ? isnt she in the 5 th grade ? everyone is required to see the sperm swimmimg film by that age. unless your a jevoahs witness.

RetroXI 4

ouch....ydi....I bet you used all the whip cream she uses for her little cookies haha meanie

3DLoli 0

Wouldn't that be like... Sticky? And. Hey. She's learning, amirite?

MadaZer0 8

Little does he know that this little incident will turn into a big mishap when his little 9 year old sister turns into a 19 year old prostitute giving whipcreamed penis' blow jobs of the century...

epoh_fml 0

that doesn't sound like too much of a mishap to me . . . :-)

Let her see and learn about the importance of locking the door

yoourface 0

what a waste of whip cream.

if was the guy I would have been sis I'm just eating my cake take looks like my gf now u can leave

alygirl678 3

you need to learn how to spell

This is a prime example of why you should always read over what you've typed out before posting it.

lonewolf2701 0

and thats the way the cookie crumbles