By Anonymous - 22/01/2010 05:02 - United States

Today, I found my boyfriend making out with my mom. FML
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Well tHat's just disgusting... u have a terrible mother and a terrible boyfriend FYL

Indeed. thats horrible. you need to kick him.... repeatedly


*shifty eyes* Did you....... Did you do them? Never gets old. Zing!!!

Ehh?! should you be upset that your boyfriend is cheating, or that your mom is a *****?

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stacys mom has got it goin on she's all want I waited so long Stacy can't u see your just not the girl for me all I want is Stacys mom lmaooooo sry I just had to sing that song

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It would have been better had you not butchered the lyrics

A good canadian lad never gets lyrics right, it's our birthright.

139 canada= win! btw saw this on familyguy so tht is wat i pictured lol. not saying ur a lyer but it was funny :p

doin your mom doin doin your mom you know we straight we doin your mom

1.your mom's a cougar 2. and you boyfriend is an idiot, or your just really ugly.

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lol I would've rather have not known about it

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well now we know u didn't get ur looks from her side

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Indeed. thats horrible. you need to kick him.... repeatedly

Kick 'em both. Personally I figure your mother's the one who really deserves the most pain.

I'd be more pissed at the mother than him...... Yea, beat 'em both.

you should kick your mom in the cooch.

I agree its frickin HOT. It's just like scene 5 from that porno "**** my mom and me", I always wondered where they got such imaginative scenes from.

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hahahaha.... its funny because its true

i refuse to be the one that says "it" fyl indeed