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By  perdix  |  29

He probably passed "the point of no return." You should have just stayed and enjoyed watching the geyser -- it's more amusing than seeing Old Faithful.

Also, tell your mom to quit servicing Dad so much and take care of this guy's cock more.

By  Nefertatah  |  0

Years and years ago, my now ex husband had the Disney movie Pocahontas in the VCR (do you kids even remember those?) and when I walked into the room he was furiously wanking to it. I was grossed out for DAYS.


Tbf, those Disney princesses are pretty ridiculously built. O.o Just remember, they're not bad-- they're just drawn that way.

But seriously, unless he's too old to have grown up with movies like that, I don't see how that's very different than having a cheerleader fetish or something. Actually watching the movie while jerking off is pretty sick, though. It could've been worse-- it could've been Rock-A-Doodle. :o

  Ugi  |  26

I heard Micheal Jackson had a similar fettish - when he wanted to knock one out he used to get Aladdin.

Or something like that.