By Jill Shanks - 01/09/2010 06:16 - United States

Today, I walked in on my mom's boyfriend jacking off. The worst part was that he didn't stop. FML
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how long did you wait for him to stop? hahaha


BelleElle_fml 5

I walked in on my friend's older brother once. The most awkward situation EVER!

And you know he didn't stop because you just stood there staring? He probably liked the audience.

SunshineBoy21 0

Maybe she handed him the lotion and tissues! ;)

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Jill. Jill. Jill - oh hey, there you are! The power of positive thinking!!! lol

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holy shit belle Elle you are so hot op that sucks I've walked in on my bro before without him knowing it it's so weird

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BelleElle_fml 5

47 - LMFAO. It's a Disney World tourist shirt and I don't like it up the butt.

enough up the butt talk. OP ydi for not helping.

bigblue95 0

its nothin to be embarressed about on his part. if u wld jus left immediately there wldnt have been a problem.

Well.. maybe he wouldn't have had to keep jerking off if you had helped him.. how inconsiderate of you.

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wtf op. you stood there? lol ydi for standing there. if you don't like the show get out of the theaterr! lol;)

Ahh ontario also BelleElle? =) Whereabouts? I am in Waterloo, for school :(

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you can walk in on me Belle ;D but seriously to be you.

blame your mother for not sexing him up enough . :)

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Lol... why were you waiting for him to stop?

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wow. that's just awkward. I hope you tan away

how long did you wait for him to stop? hahaha

cbdee 8

No kidding, if she saw & ran out she wouldnt know if he kept yanking his meat or not!!

Seriously what's the point of stopping when you have been caught anyway?

it was not him to be blamed...op's mother did not want to stop this tender action...

perdix 29

He probably passed "the point of no return." You should have just stayed and enjoyed watching the geyser -- it's more amusing than seeing Old Faithful. Also, tell your mom to quit servicing Dad so much and take care of this guy's **** more.

Hahahahaha. Maybe OP is the same person that walked in on Mom blowing Dad.

Nefertatah 0

Years and years ago, my now ex husband had the Disney movie Pocahontas in the VCR (do you kids even remember those?) and when I walked into the room he was furiously wanking to it. I was grossed out for DAYS.

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sourgirl101 28

Did he get turned on when you hummed "The colors of the wind"?

Tbf, those Disney princesses are pretty ridiculously built. O.o Just remember, they're not bad-- they're just drawn that way. But seriously, unless he's too old to have grown up with movies like that, I don't see how that's very different than having a cheerleader fetish or something. Actually watching the movie while jerking off is pretty sick, though. It could've been worse-- it could've been Rock-A-Doodle. :o

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not that I agree with masturbating

I heard Micheal Jackson had a similar fettish - when he wanted to knock one out he used to get Aladdin. Or something like that.

Nefertatah 0

Yes, to an animated Indian girl.

EngineerJane 0

Don't have a nasty crotch. It scared him away.

FYLDeep 25

You probably put him over the edge. If so, attempting to stop at that point could be lethal for anyone in the vicinity.