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  OscarDV  |  8

I was going to help the human side, but I realized everything people have done, cats have done, but cuter and more fluffy. Soooooo many cat videos

  Wiz_Of_Oz  |  17

Despite their partial enslavement of humankind, cats are easily controlled (albeit indirectly) by the remainder of the humans with catnip.
Cats 5 Humans 2


She had a problem with his baggy clothes
He was a skater boy
She said see ya later boy
He wasn't good enough for her
But when he's a super star
Slamming on his guitar
She'll guilt him for cash
Cause she treated his diaper rash

  PenguinBitch  |  43

It's simple really. The cat wasn't being lenient when it heard that OP was selling it for 5 bucks. So this user suggest OP should bribe the cat 500.
1) Sell cat for $5
2)Bribe cat $500 to leave
4) No, you don't make profit. You make -495 dumbass.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Sure you can just leave, that method worked for millennia. Think of it as an applied economics course vs a theoretical one. You can sit at home and ponder your life for years, or you can start living it and find out what it contains.


I don't see the problem with moving out right after you turn 18, I did. I spent months before my 18th birthday looking for an apartment. A few days after I tuned 18 I applied for an apartment. My grandmother had to consign the lease, but I made it happen. I haven't relied on my family at all since I moved out.

I think people rely too heavily on their parents nowadays, they are so use to being taken care of that can't grow a pair and learn to take care of themselves.

  ILoveMyArm  |  15

I think she just means that she wish her mom was less strict in a sense of being able to move out and all. Some parents are too overprotective, for example, my mom refuses to let me move out until I finish college and get a stable job or get married. What she doesn't understand is my dream own an arm factory may not kick off for a while.

  NoOneLovesYou  |  13

That's good for you, but realistically most 18-year-olds cannot support themselves financially. This is especially true of college-bound teenagers - yes, as it turns out, at 18 you're still a teenager. College is expensive to begin with, then you want to force them to pay for both school and living expenses on the low wage job they'll get with so little experience? For some it is feasible, but for a large number of teenagers this just isn't. Minimum wage is not a living wage to begin with, so to live on it AND pay for school? Extremely difficult for someone who is, by biological definition, not yet fully grown to begin with.


I understand that not everyone can do it, but I went to college as well while living on my own. It was a constant struggle, but it's possible. I had a minimum wage job at the time. I paid for college and for my apartment as well. Most of my meals were ramen noodles and can vegetables. It took a lot of sacrifice on my part, but I was determined to support myself and I made it happen.
I don't see why some of you guys are making it sound impossible to survive on your own.

  OverBlossomed  |  21

Because for some people, it is impossible for the time being.

My best friend turned 18 two days ago. She has no job and could not support herself financially. What she does have is asthma and many allergies that require her to take medications and three weekly shots. If her mother kicked her out, she could not acquire the treatments she needs and would be very sick all of the time.

Don't judge lest ye be judged.

By  DotDootyDot  |  17

Now that's fucking cold. That's not a way to treat your child, you can't just throw them out as soon as they hit 18! You gotta at least make sure that they have everything they need to move out properly, you're still a parent after all. :/

  DotDootyDot  |  17

Oh #26, so as soon as you hit 18 you already had a job that could pay for all of your bills and expenses, with an apartment, means of transportation, and a bank account? Good for you! Not everybody has that same luck and no parent should ever kick their child out of the house just because they turned 18. So shoosh away and please don't have kids, thank you very much.

  TheDrifter  |  23

It's not a matter of luck. It used to be called "taking responsibility for your life". Kind of a cute, antiquated notion these days isn't it? At this rate our grand children will never consider moving, they'll just take over the house when their parents move to a nursing home.

  Rawr6591  |  21

its not a matter of not doing anything of those things yes this OP's mother was a bit rash with her approach but imo if you are smooching off of me with no job no schooling I'm getting you an apartment then you are on your own

  DotDootyDot  |  17

#83 It has absolutely nothing to do with "responsibility", as you cannot suddenly expect a teenager to suddenly take full reign over their life when they're probably not even out of highschool yet. It is not about "luck" either, it's about giving your children the right amount of time for them to prepare for their new life (so they have at least the BARE MINIMUM to survive on their own) and not booting them out of the house just because the government now recognizes them as a legal adult.
Life wasn't easy back then and it's even harder now, and I have no sympathy for parents who use this kind of tactics to get rid of their children.