By Michael - Australia
Today, my 4 year old daughter was ripping out photos of the family photo book, I asked her why she was doing it she answered, "I saw mummy doing it to another book." The only other family photo book was the day we got married. FML
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By  JackDark  |  0

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  sunnyray812  |  42

Why the hell is everyone saying this is a crappy FML and putting OP down??? This sounds like a true FML to me; knowing your lover is regretting ever marrying you. That's a hurtful FML.

  nonynony  |  0

I immediately thought it was a magazine. A 4-year-old would lump books, magazines, and photo albums together in her head. I seriously doubt she was referring to a family photo album.

  This_Guy  |  0

He saw his daughter rip out photos from one of their family photo books. His daughter saw her mom (his wife) rip out photos from the other family photo book which contains pictures of their wedding day. He probably assumes that his wife probably regrets something or realizes she might have married the wrong man.

Of course, this is what I got out of it. Different people would take this differently.

  waterynuggets  |  0

I agree with you #30, however since the mods are too busy [pa]trolling the comments for people saying "THIS IS NOT AN FML111!1!" this this racist fuckstick will more than likely go unnoticed.