By Great... - 09/11/2011 22:48 - United States

Today, I found out that my 20-year-old boyfriend won't touch my boobs because he is afraid his parents will find out. FML
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nick347b 6

Tell him to touch your boobs or you'll tell his parents.

Boyfriend: hehehe boobies! :D Girlfriend: wanna touch them? Boyfriend: NO WAY! My parents will kill me!


and how old is he?...

rein 8

"20 year old boyfriend"

sorry it's late. didn't really comprehend lol.

His parents could be fortune tellers or psychics... or Jedis..

aimeesea75 16

Can't tell if trolling.. Or just very stupid..

7- How do you not "comprehend" the number 20 next to the words "year old"? They're even hyphenated for christ's sake...

enonymous 8

I'm going to defend #7 using my awesome legal skills... How do we really know this guy is 20? Have you seen the movie Big? Or Jack? For all we know this guy is 6..went to the state fair Zoltan granted his wish and now he looks like a 20 year old... Lawyer'd

TinyDude 10

Enonymous wins cos hes awesomr just like that ;)

Definitely Jedis!

Nope. Not jedis. Cos if they were jedis, OP's boyfriend would have grabbed her boobs and made those laser sounds.... PEW PEW PEW

Learn to spell.

iEatWookies 1

Jedi is the plural of Jedi... not Jedis. Nerd moment over.

Hahaha I was reading Jedis like "GEE-DUS" or "GEE-DIS" I was like is this the new Jesus ?

Alwayspullout 7

I think meant OP meant to say "our" parents...

Can you not read?

ImFrackinBored 13


R u stupid! It says in the FML!

samiwammy 5


Drummerboy1234 0

can someone say sheltered?

Op should totally call me :)

I would have when I was 12 lol

Maybe he is gay

So you want him to touch them, eh? ;) But how on earth would his parents find out?

BF's mum: Son, Where have you been? BF: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to touch them!!! ...

Maybe OP's boyfriend's parents have been overprotective with him all his life so now he assumes if he does anything bad they will always find out.

MizzErikaHart 8

I imagine op acting life Kiff from futurama.

Its because he just found out that they are Santa... He knows when you are sleeping, he knows if you're awake. He knows if you've been touching boobs so don't for goodness sake! :P

start having sex with him he'll forget all about his parents...


If she can't get him to touch her boobs, what makes you think that he'll just jump right into having sex...

Lol! Shit I would too! Haha

The 40-year virgin might be given a run for his money on this one.

Not quite. He does have a girlfriend, doesn't he?

samiwammy 5

^^ not at all

8- Not for long at the rate he's taking to get intimate. 9- If you were asking that as a true question directed towards me, my answer is no, there is not a problem with being a virgin. If you're asking that a response to my statement, I never bad-mouthed virgins in general with my comment, just the (likely) virgin OP is dating.

nick347b 6

Tell him to touch your boobs or you'll tell his parents.

braddah112233 1

I like the way u think! Haha

Sounds "tit"-tillating! Awful pun attack!

Boyfriend: hehehe boobies! :D Girlfriend: wanna touch them? Boyfriend: NO WAY! My parents will kill me!

.....and then, Girlfriend: if you dont, i will kill you Boyfriend: i want my mommeeeee..... Girlfriend: sigh....*takes vibrator out of purse*

And then says we asre OVER and walks out when she's done .......

62 - No just no. Nice job killing the joke.

CuteDumBlonde64 11

Well might as well keep the boobs to yourself, hun.

nickbucci1252 0

No she should definatley pull them out until he sees how nice they are and then he will touch them

That's just depressing but it could be worse you could have the boyfriend that goes "honk honk!" every time he touches them

theten_fml 9

Maybe he believes that will happen when he touches them. His parents will be like "where on earth is that honking coming from?! Our little Timmy must be touching some boobs!"

Smartpants 0


Everybody loves the "honk honk" guy :D

yodas0da 12

are you sure he's a man