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By  mofran  |  0

and how old is he?...

  mofran  |  0

sorry it's late. didn't really comprehend lol.

  enonymous  |  8

I'm going to defend #7 using my awesome legal skills...

How do we really know this guy is 20? Have you seen the movie Big? Or Jack?

For all we know this guy is 6..went to the state fair Zoltan granted his wish and now he looks like a 20 year old...


  luvppl  |  6

Its because he just found out that they are Santa... He knows when you are sleeping, he knows if you're awake. He knows if you've been touching boobs so don't for goodness sake! :P

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

8- Not for long at the rate he's taking to get intimate.

9- If you were asking that as a true question directed towards me, my answer is no, there is not a problem with being a virgin. If you're asking that a response to my statement, I never bad-mouthed virgins in general with my comment, just the (likely) virgin OP is dating.

  theten_fml  |  9

Maybe he believes that will happen when he touches them. His parents will be like "where on earth is that honking coming from?! Our little Timmy must be touching some boobs!"