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Bitches be crazy.

Thank god steak knives weren't involved. There may have been no survivors.


Bitches be crazy.

Yeah, but watch... OP's grandmother's sister will be the first to cry at his/her grandmother's funeral. I've seen it. Sisters are so weird. No matter how much rubbish they throw at each other, they'll always love each other.

#11's right. No better way to show love than smash each other with plates and pancakes

@#14 I doubt they actually smashed plates on each other. What kind of maniac throws a plate at someone sitting two feet across from them at a table? That could knock someone out. I think one of them said something, then the other one got angry and flipped over the table. Which explains the pancakes everywhere/broken plates on the floor?

11 is not right. I haven't spoken to or seen my sister is almost 2 years, and I have zero intentions of ever speaking to or seeing her again. She is a horrible cunt of a human being and I am better off having nothing to do with her.

@#33 So sorry about that. Pretty much all sisters that I've met have bitter quarrels, then make up with each other in a matter of days. I guess I should have phrased it better and not have generalized. Hope everything turns out well for you.

If something tragic happened to her you wouldn't even think to give a fuck? did you not hear it the argument escalate while you were in the bathroom and come running out to stop them?

Thank god steak knives weren't involved. There may have been no survivors.

Hell, at that rate, even a dull butter knife would do.

Why would they do that to those poor and delicious pancakes?

It's not about the pancakes. It's about sending a message.

Pancakes make even the nicest person evil

So what would a big argument be like??

No survivors!

If there was no syrup, I totally understand them...

I'm no psychiatrist but I'd say there's some family problems there

I'm guessing her sister is a waffle lover...

I sense a food fight soon.

Damn. They're a little old to still have such intense sibling rivalry

Well, a lifetime is a circle. Old people and young kids have many many similarities.