By Anonymous - 25/08/2019 06:06

Today, my mother sat me down and told me, "I'm not going to lie, I hate living with you. Please get a job and move out." I'm 16. FML
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Any specific reasons given?

You made it to 16? My mom gave me that talk when I was 11! To be fair, I was a shit kid.


You made it to 16? My mom gave me that talk when I was 11! To be fair, I was a shit kid.

Charlie Coffman_1920149595 18

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Ah that talk about 11, your mother is piece of crap.

Let’s calm down, it was just a joke. I was a good kid and my mom was an excellent mother and I was welcome at home as long as I wanted to. I’m an OK older guy and my mom is still awesome. I was just being silly.

Obviously, they don't see your endless comments. If I don't see a message from you after a couple of days I get concerned.

RichardP, you give us shit every damn day of the week here ... and sometimes 2x on Sundays. Keep up the good work! Lol

Any specific reasons given?

Peaches1914 13


Help, Dad!

Susan Yee 9

I’m guessing because you look like or remind her of your deadbeat dad ? Or unwanted child? ☹️

OP's mom needs to "grow a pair," learn how to use a (verbal) filter, and definitely get psychological counseling for her obviously shitty outlook on life. Good, well-adjusted, loving parents simply don't talk/ behave like that. Instead, they always try to do what's best for their kid despite whatever (but hopefully only) short-term difficulties that might require of themselves to endure. It's called responsible parenting.

Nhayaa 21

Yep. Some people should definitely not have kids.

So ARE you a bear to live with? What doesn't she like?