By John - 21/10/2014 00:29 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, my little sister decided it would be funny to hide in the washroom closet while I was taking a piss. I wasn't pissing, I was wanking. FML
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Oh god, hope she looked away when you finished. FYL

More like FML for your sister. You did the right thing going private.


Oh god, hope she looked away when you finished. FYL

Hope shes not old enough to remember it, could affect your relationship in the future.

She was probably wondering why you stood up peeing, and why you had to **** it so many times to finish

thats called getting more than you paid for

23lf 16

Guys do stand up when they pee...I'm going to guess you're a girl in middle school.

soccerguy2o1 7

Im pretty sure girls in middle school know that

OP did not specify that he saw/heard her before finishing.

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Blewch has to be the best misspelling ever. BLEEEEWCH

They said that about pwned and.. I forgot the rest.

Ain't gunna be a ought eye bleach fo dat!

Am I only getting down voted because of a misspelt word?

No, also because it was a stupid comment in general. :)

You can't rush a meaningful comment just cause you wanna go to first otherwise you sound sour and uptight like in this comment ?

More like FML for your sister. You did the right thing going private.

If OP's sister put an FML she'd get more YDI that FYL!

#25 its not like she could've seen that coming, I mean he doesn't specify an age but Im assuming she's a bit young and probably didnt even know what he was doing.... I hope.....

#94 well I'm pretty sure she eventually saw it coming

I hope she wasn't old enough to know what you were doing. None the less, FYL OP.

Goblin182 26

It might be better if she did know what he was doing. "Little sister" is vague, she could be 16 years old.

I could be wrong but I don't think 16year old girl.could be that immature . I'm guessing like 11years old.

Maybe do it in your room next time and check to make sure no one's around.

What, little children don't think it's fun to hide in someone's bedroom closet? Wouldn't matter.

5 - so youre implying that a sister (or anyone) is less likely to hide in a bedroom closet rather than a bathroom one? thats some backwards logic

People do it in the bathroom instead of their room for the exact reason of nobody is suppose to be in there, going back to the bedroom increases chances of being caught

That's why you lock ur bedroom door if you're doing it there

tony1891 22

little sister will be blackmailing you for life now.

Wow... Now she knows not to intrude on others personal time....

Jeez, I'm speechless. I'm not sure who I feel worse for, OP, or their sister

Well it's almost Halloween so expect assholes(I mean wonderful people with great holiday spirit) to be jumping out of everywhere trying to scare you.