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By Drunken Sailor - 27/06/2011 19:20 - United States

Today, I found out my new Commanding Officer is my ex-wife's new boyfriend. We're going on a two year tour at sea in two weeks. The reason we got a divorce is that she couldn't handle being tied down with someone in the Navy. FML
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baseballlegitly0 2

whata bitch

coincidence? I think not!


coincidence? I think not!

I wonder if he knows? mention it to him, she sounds awful(:

*Generic dirty sailor joke that ends with 'poop deck' *

shrinkydinks 0

well what if she just used the "not wanting to be tied down with someone in the navy" as an excuse to get divorced?

What a bitch. Maybe it's becuase he's higher rank?

fuck her OP. my ex bf was in the army and his girlfriend he was gonna propose to cheated on him saying she couldn't "bed down with a killer" then she marries another guy in the army!! I hate women like that.

What makes you think she is going to be tied down with him?

JustLetItHappen 2

Never ever heard of any naval ship doing a two year deployment.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

you need to leave FML forever...

Alex94xela 0

accidentally push him off the boat and say it was suicide xd

baseballlegitly0 2

whata bitch

Lostdonut 3

That sucks man! Good luck in your tour! Stay safe.

RouletteRed 6

you said it. no one likes a liar. dont worry she doesnt deserve you

gabstahhh 8

Too bad you had to let that one go...she seemed like a real keeper. And a great person to come home to after two years away....

Oh snap! Lying bitch!

lovepebbles 1

just try not to talk about her or think about her ...

You got that right sister!!

You should tell him that and it would be hilarious to see his face!

johnnybagodonuts 2

I think the guy would laugh in his face, op's ex was obviously lying to him when she gave him that excuse

I hate them type hoes, don't fret my man karma will come for her ten fold granting you well.

Oh man. That's shitty!

JokeMeister 0


Talk about lame excuses. bitch probably just didn't know what she had. Ur lucky to have her our of ur life.

EmoFinn 0

Technically, she's not 'tied downed' with him... But yes, FYL

EmoFinn 0

I assumed he meant it meaning in the marriage sense because he used to be married to her, but yah that too