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Today, I volunteered to tutor a 17-year-old girl in science. I had to explain in detail of what the real Big Bang theory was, as she only knew about the show. Later, I heard I was reported by her because apparently, "I was trying to convert her to Scientology." I now know why she needed a tutor. FML
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Hey, OP here, anyways I did meet with her today again and of course I had to explain some stuff about the confusion yesterday. I told her the true definition of Scientology which cleared some confusion up. Then I told her that she didn't have to believe in the Big Bang theory but she should at least know it and have a decent grasp on it. She basically shot back "I don't really need to know about it, it's ONLY a theory..." which forced me to explain the actual definition of a scientific theory to her , and I came up with examples such as Cell theory, how parts of gravity are considered theories, Molecular theory, several theories in mathematics, and a bunch of other scientific theories. I knew this would slightly upset her but I didn't expect her to shoot back "You're going to hell if you keep preaching Satan's word. You need Jesus, I don't know what you learned but the Bible has the truth that you need to know." Now that I think about it, I'd rather tutor teenagers who come from higher academic backgrounds ...

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I feel sorry for that girl, she's indoctrinated to the extreme... I'm surprised her parents even allowed you to be her tutor since you're explaining so many dangerous ideas to her!

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Wow, that girl is not going to go far in life.


This is where we insert that gif of Bugs Bunny sawing off Florida. That state... Every week we get a multitude of news stories out of it that just overflow with details to cause pain in the minds of thinking individuals.

Well, at least she has good taste in TV shows.

How does that make up for her stupidity?

#3 isn't saying that it makes up for it, just that there is a relatively positive note to be found in the situation.

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This acceptance of Creationism as a valid scientific theory is one of the worst things that has happened to modern America. That, combined with the recent anti-vaccine campaigns, will lead to a population of ignoramuses with measles.

And thats a reason why religion is bad for modern society. FYL OP

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religion isn't bad as long as you don't let it interfere with government and health, just keep it separate and it's fine

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I agree. I grew up in the north and was taught all about the big bang theory, evolution, etc, while my kids have grown up in the South and the things that are omitted from their education is shameful. Our county had to be sued several years ago to remove stickers from science books saying "evolution is a theory". I know of many kids who go onto college and are embarrassed by their own ignorance. Bottom line: make sure your kids (or you) know ALL sides of the story. You can make a decision later as to what you believe, but if you don't know, your decision is ignorant.

I thought evolution and the big bang was already taught nation-wide in schools? I haven't heard of a single public school not teaching it.

I say there's nothing wrong with personally believing in a higher power or with a feeling of belonging within a religious community. Blindly following a book, a deranged minister/priest, and preaching dogma and bigotry is what is wrong with religion.

@15 too bad that it isnt the case. And probably never will be as long as Religion exists in that kind of importance.

You do realize christians use the Big Bang as proof of a creator right? Meaning the universe had a beginning and isn't infinite.

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It really should be separate, but for some reason even though our government writings say 'separation of church and state' those who have power or wish to get it still feel that if the bible (quran or torah) say no then by hell or high water if will never be legal.

#37 There is a direct conflict with beliefs in TBBT and Christian beliefs from Genesis. The Earth wasn't made first according to the model nor is it only 6,000-10,000 years old.

It's fundamentalists that believe the world is only thousands of years old. the Catholic Church actually has accepted evolution and many Christians believe that the world being made in 7 days is a metaphor (what is a day for God could be a millenia to humans). there are ways to combine science with spirituality

I was raised catholic then my family turned born again Christian. I became agnostic pretty quickly, some of the things the hardcore Christians were teaching us just don't make sense in a logical rational world. They were also very big on the "cast out the non believer or we shall all burn in hell" parts of the bible, that was probably one of the big reasons I stopped going to church.

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Dude your family was Catholic you were already Christians goddamn. What you mean is they converted to the Protestant side of Christianity.

#46, the ways that are used to combine the Bible and science are gross misinterpretations of one or both fields of study. There is no happy way to combine the two, legitimately. Religion keeps reinterpreting the ancient scripture as science proves how invalid it is. The book clearly states that on the first day, second day, etc. there was evening and morning. How can that mean anything but a regular 24 hour day?

#50 Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholics. The have seven extra books in their Bible that only they follow. Ex: Just like women are people but not all people are women. #46 You never wonder way they would change? Maybe because the evidence was overwhelming that the Bible is wrong and they need to change or they'll lose their sheep? But none the less, how is the stars created 4000 years later make any more sense? And vegetation before the sun 2000 years prior? Btw the text in Genesis means 7/24 hour days. Something written in 2 Peter doesn't change its context unless you're lying to yourself to do damage control. The church is famous for taking things, twisting their meaning to make it their. Just like Christmas. After a while people don't even realize it was stolen from the pagans. Who would of thunk?

@46 Yes, people accept 7 days as a metaphor. But a lot of hardcore Christians refuse to believe the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and I've met plenty of Christians who believe in evolution, big bang theory, etc. but they're directly conflicting the Bible. It still doesn't make sense for the Earth to be only 7000 years old. And also, science and religion directly conflict: if you believe one, parts of the other HAVE to be false

I live In Texas, I'm 14, and at least where I am we have completely discarded religion as something to be taught

The Bible says that a day on Earth is 1,000 years in heaven and a day in heaven is 1,000 years on Earth, meaning that God operates outside of time.

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I've never been vaccinated and only get sick once every 4 years

sp4ghetti 9

I've never been vaccinated and only get sick once every 4 years

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My argument with some strictly religious people not believing that the earth is not 4.5billion years old is that when god supposedly created earth he created it in 7 days right? But light wasn't created until the second day. Who's to say that the first day was a 24 hour day. The concept of time wasn't created so the first day really could have been years. Oh, and there was a court case against Tennessee in the 1920s I believe where they were discussing evolution in schools, it's very interesting.

Ow. My brain. I think you should start with some Bill Nye the Science Guy mandatory marathons.

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does she know the world is round?

The trouble with stupid people is that they don't realise how stupid they are - John Cleese

Oh. I see. Florida. Get out while you can, OP, that state is just bad news all around. Every week on WTFIWWY it's almost guaranteed that there will be a news story about some stupid, perverse, drugged up, naked, mind bogglingly criminal, or otherwise just batshit event that comes out of Florida. Some one will have threatened to shoot someone in a Walmart over a rejected coupon, impersonated a cop TO a cop then claim to be FBI, refuse to pay taxes because they are a "resident of the kingdom of heaven", run naked across a bridge, or some other manner of nunfuckery and it always, always, comes back to Florida.

So what you're saying is all the fun is in florida? ;D

There's stupidity everywhere. For your information. People in Florida just don't give a **** who judges them. Sorry we aren't bashful like the rest of y'all

#33 if by 'fun' you mean people ******* stuffed animals at walmarts, people breaking into people's homes to knock over flatscreens and jerk it, men claiming to be Obama while attempting to potentially abduct a pair of children he claimed were a drug dealer and a prostitute, I'm just rattling off the stories that I remember off the top of my head here...

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hey, don't speak for all of us, not everyone is that stupid, we just hear about the stupid ones more often