By sniper foxeh
Today, my younger sister and I were camping when, during the middle of the night, she asked me if I could take her to the toilets as she was scared. I told her to go by herself or go behind the tent. Thirty seconds later, she peed on me. FML
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By  Justine Malang  |  16

You don't deserve that but it wasn't nice of you to reject her lol

By  DragonMaiden7  |  15

I don’t think you deserved to be literally pissed on, but you do realize that camping sites and state parks are pretty notorious places for people to be abducted, right? Like, serial killer and rapists, abducted. Especially in the middle of the night.

In this day and age, she had the right idea to ask for someone to accompany her in a place she didn’t know. You should have been there for her. Whether you’re a man or woman.

Pissing on you is over the line, but YDI