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Today, my 2-year-old sister walked in on me while I was showering. She began to splash around in the toilet, and as I hastily jumped out to stop her, my brother and his friend got a good look as they walked past the room. FML
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MyPetNinja 14

Why don't you people lock your door when other people are home?! YDI.

The best solution is to never shower. Then this would never happen. Or maybe you should invest in doors!


MyPetNinja 14

Why don't you people lock your door when other people are home?! YDI.

Maybe they have a "no locks" rule. My family has one and it's really annoying.

RocketNinjaFish 12

not all houses have locks inside. mine doesn't.

I agree, if OP would have locked the door, that would never happen.

What a wierd rule. Atleast you would want a little bit of private time while you're on the toilet.

wellfuuucckme 7

Aghh! Must suck not to be able to shit in peace

I don't understand why people get all worked up if other people see them naked. To me it just shows that people are not comfortable in there own skin. If you don't like you fix it. Besides they have probably seen naked people before. Nbd.

It was her brother and his friend though. I have no problem bring naked as a jay bird but I'd be extremely embarrassed it was my brother and his friend. Two people I would NEVER want to see me naked.

Rocky007 15

It is unsafe to lock bathroom doors while in the shower. If you slip and fall no one will be able to help you.

YourEvilHero 12

yes which is why single living people must never shower... -_-

Mearemoi 14

I don't have any locks on my bathroom door either.

Maybe because her little sister just walked in and didn't close the door behind her? She 2.

legal371 5

I wouldn't want help..... Hey everyone I slipped come pick my naked ass up!

34-I lock my bathroom doors, but we have keys to those doors, and I think most people do, too, so if someone absolutely had to get in, they could.

I have locks on my doors, but they can easily be unlocked. My cousins learned how to unlock them around the ages of 2-3.

I don't have a lock on my bathroom door. In fact the only locks in my house are on the door that goes out to the garage, the front door, and the back door. The hall bathroom and my room are the only rooms with doors anyway.

A no lock rule? What kind of perverted house do you live in?

Well a lot of houses have that rule when they have little children. The kid turns the lock and gets locked in and starts to panic and can't get out. When my little cousin was 4, we had that problem. Or they lock the door when mad that you are about to scold them, and no one can use the bathroom...or they lock it and close the door as they leave, and everyone is stuck on the outside... Just a few reasons to have a no lock rule.

In my house we never lock the door when we shower, so if someone slips and gets injured the rest of the family can help..I thought it was common sense..?

You know... they do make easily unlocked doors for inside the home. Those door knobs that have the little hole on the outside can be unlocked by pushing a suitably sized pin in it (ie a small screwdriver). Secondly, what are you peoples' doors made out of? If its a real emergency they can be easily kicked in... Even your external doors can be easily kicked in, so your indoor ones are less than a problem.

PhishloverA 14

Yeah #1 not all houses have locks in them. Think a little

58 - no shit, they were asking why OP didn't lock the bathroom door in the first place. If she had done that, then her little sister couldn't have walked in on her

28- maybe because not everyone is so comfortable with their peers seeing their ****** ... It's called you're "privates" for a reason

UltimateGIRness 16

We don't have a lock,the rule is that if the light is on someone's in there

There is a 2 year old sister in the home. If her parents are anything like mine there are no locks on the bathroom door. My younger siblings locked themselves in the bathroom once and my parents removed the doorknob with a lock and replaced it with one that didn't have one. A lot of parents do this so often you have to use the bathroom and hope for the best. I agree YDI if you have the option to lock the door and don't but if it isn't even an option then FYL.

Family bonding time... comes in many forms. Just be glad your brother didn't join in.

I don't know about your family, but "regular" families usually bond over things like dinner; not seeing one another naked in the washroom...

I don't know about you, but sarcasm is usually a joke. Lighten up. It's Sunday - go and relax in the garden or something.

Hey, I have a great sense of humor. But that's only for good jokes :) Now go to your little garden and work on those skills ;) Cheers. xo

He should burry you in his garden. You know,use you to fertilize his plants. It's cheaper then the other "SHIT" he buys. Hows that for a good joke!

Llama_Face89 33

Terrible two's haha don't blame her she's too young to know that she'd be exploiting you.

Omg terrible two?? The sinclair dinosaurs?

Why is the two year old have free reign of the house? You know where she can do things like drown in the toilet.

ryguy83 2

Maybe it twas the plan of the brothers friend and the 2 year old was the acomplis

The best solution is to never shower. Then this would never happen. Or maybe you should invest in doors!

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I should note that sarcasm isn't as obvious over the internet: L

17- Please ask your mom to backhand you for me. It wasn't a really funny joke, but it was a joke all the same, and an obvious one.

I should note that common sense isn't as obvious on the Internet either. xo 22- I love you too :)

I know of a lot of people who should stop big time..

Llama_Face89 33

17- thats two pretty obvious jokes that have completely gone over your head...did you just wake up?

hol18 5

Why didn't you lock the door... Or at least close the door.

maybe it doesn't close properly. mine doesn't...

My daughter is 15 months, and already knows how to open doors. And we don't have locks on our bathroom doors. I think it's safe to assume that the two year old is able to open a bathroom door if there are no locks.

I was about to say why not close the damn door? Pretty sure a 2 year can NOT open a door...

I'm pretty sure most two year olds could give it a pretty damn good go at opening a door...depends on what type of handle there is

My son is two, he can open any door he has seen someone else open.

My son is 17 months he can also open any door he opens the bathroom door on me all the time and not all doors have locks mine don't

PhishloverA 14

Wow #7 what makes you this assume OP didn't lock the door? Do you come here to laugh at funny comments (as your profile says) like yours?

Wow really #7. Most 2 year olds CAN open a door. Goodness.

22wafflesXbabe22 0

My 18 month olds at the day care where i work can open doors. You obviously know nothing of children 0.o

Octain 13

Yeah, if the door knobs are located at the very top of the door.

btstig 11

For some reason it fascinates young toddlers. My 1 1/2 year old does it too. It is ******* aggravating.

I still don't understand the concept of "splashing" what like getting in the toilet and splashing around?

splashing: present participle of splash (Verb) Verb: 1: Cause (liquid) to strike or fall on something in irregular drops. 2: Make wet by doing this: "they splashed each other with water".

Well obviously you are not two yet... Don't worry though, your time will come.

Yup, especially after their favorite dinosaur toy has made a big spash, so they've added another. Then they want the toys back.

Tay_racer10 3

They do have toilet proof child locks now

I would hope your brother's friend wasn't the robot kind. You know the ones with cameras for eyes...