By future brain bleach addict - 02/05/2013 23:54 - Canada - Victoria

Today, I walked in on my sister apparently trying to eat herself out. FML
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NickaPLZ 26

Man... I'm sorry about that. F both your lives on this one...

karen1991 15

What ever happened to take out food?


NickaPLZ 26

Man... I'm sorry about that. F both your lives on this one...

broski27 3

Key word " trying"

NickaPLZ 26

@9 - No harm intended, but I mean is there really much of a difference between 'doing' and 'trying' in this case? Both instances are embarrassing as shit, man.

Roskosity 22

Tastes like chicken...?

9- "Thread Jacking". Ah shite, now I'm doing it to D:

She must've been really horny.

karen1991 15

What ever happened to take out food?

MeowZebraMeow 7

Apparently eating in is all the rage.

She must be pretty flexible because there is no way in hell that some chick could actually do that

Yea... Hence the word "trying"

have you tried? that's how you know?

Uhhhh, no. It sounds painful in my opinion ._. But people have their preferences I guess, for pleasure anyway.

If you were really flexible, you could. Might sting a bit though..

BostonPLD33 6

Sting??? Are you stupid or something? Since when did eating pussy sting?

monnanon 13

i imagine they meant the act of almost pretzeling yourself would sting a bit not the actual licking part. on a kind of related note there are men who have apparently had ribs removed to allow them to pleasure themselves. wierd :s

Eh I knew a guy who could suck himself off not a pretty sight

Actually it can be done, disturbing to see though.

I hope to god you didn't offer to help

You're sick for suggesting that

I thought it was funny...

DKjazz 20

Don't ANYBODY say the "W" word. We're tired of it.

flockz 19


Judging by the location, it's not Alabama so I think it's safe to rule the incest out.

phantumgrey 6

# 66 .....ummm....WINCEST

#38 I also found it quite funny.

7yzzFML 17

Im disappointed he didnt offer, lets be honest, it would be more entertaining.

Cusefan5 6

Once seen cannot be unseen.

Or in this case: you cannot regurgitate eaten pussy!

NagainaFier 16

...if you think it can be regurgitated after you're done, you're doing it wrong, buddy. Go home and try again.

groovycrazyjoe 18

should try giving get a HAND ;-)

Pics or it didn't happen

Nik2B345 5

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7- Funny as fuck! Thanks, needed that.

I'm pretty sure she's not. She just took "playing with herself" to a whole new level.

7- I don't think that makes her a lesbian anymore than jerking off your own cock makes you a homosexual. ;p

61- Uh.. A lesbian is a homosexual as well. I believe you meant to say. Gay man. Or homosexual man. Smh...

Do you know the definition of homosexuality? It's an attraction to the same sex.

It's the same thing...

kitkatkit 4

61- jerking off may not mean you're gay but if you are flexible enough to actually give yourself a blowjob, you might be

perdix 29

Help her out. If she succeeds, you'll never have a brother-in-law to deal with. They can be pains in the ass.

Just wondering... Help her out how, exactly?

perdix 29

#18, break some of her lower ribs and then cram her head down to her crotch.

I think you know...

22- Alright, I guess me and 23 both had the same assumptions... Although, who really knows with you, Perdix

I hope you have a huge bottle of brain bleach.

Just read the author name as well!

NagainaFier 16

As did I, 79.

laughtersplay 14

Or OP can watch Twilight. Works like a charm.

They'd need more brain bleach for twilight though...

How would you know? Did you ask? She could have been trying to close her zipper with her tongue.

Could be a possibility. Like I tie my shoelaces with my feet.

X_Codes 11

On the other hand, it's entirely possible she wasn't wearing pants.