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  annoyedkid  |  0

rewr this is the SECOND time i saw YOU posting a dumb comment. Don't U hav a life? or friends? god 86 ur so pathetic. god if u commited suicide by jumping into a lake the only ppl that wud care is the fish that wud push u out of their waterr

  zZsleeperrZz  |  0

exactly. idg how this is an fml. this happends to tons of ppl everyday. not really an fml. but OP, I hope you made lemons into lemonade if ya know what meanz. 

By  elliebutton  |  0

Grab your video camera and film as you put his hand in hot water, zoom in on his crotch and wait for his reaction when he wakws up and realises what he has done :D

By  zee209  |  0

Oh no! FYL for having a husband with a sense of humor (that's sarcasm, just so you know). Open you eyes and realize that your husband has a good sense of humor and obviously loves you, even though you obviously DO NOT have a sense of humor.

I'm sick of these stupid FMLs where people complain about their spouse, boy/girlfriend having a good sense of humor.

  Bob4545  |  0

I care about your opinion very much, zee209, and in the future, if I ever post an FML, I'll be sure to clear it with you first, because I want you to personally approve of my FML. That was sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell.

  genius_man16  |  0

I totally agree with zee here, i mean, it's not an FYL, and it's not really that funny. I mean, i SHOULD have been to the OP, but obviously she's got too much stuck in her ass to think so. FherhusbandsL for having such a whiney wife.