By Eet- - 13/10/2011 19:20 - United Kingdom

Today, I awoke to rose petals leading me to the front garden. Curious, I followed them, thinking my boyfriend planned something romantic. As I walked out the door, I was hit in the face with a paper plate full of whipped cream and sprinkles, and then locked outside. FML
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Pow!! Right in the kisser!

Aweee, how sweet!


Aweee, how sweet!

Yea, that took some time and effort to set up.

If he planned all that out, he clearly put a lot of thought into it.

He's implying that he likes his cream on her face..

47- with sprinkles.

Why do you look so familiar????? this is weird....

47. Good One.

Damn, there's always a catch. Something like that happened to me back in Siberia, except instead of rose petals they were cats, and instead of whipped cream it was...let's just say there's always a catch.

Pow!! Right in the kisser!

This made me realize I missed the opportunity to say, "In the face!"

Nice family guy reference

41 I was thinking the exact same thing when I read your comment!

#108- probably because it was one of those jokes that were meant to remain unexplained so that it wouldn't take away from the humor. Some people don't like explaining them or having them explained.

It's because Family Guy was referencing a YouTube video, like everything else, it was copped from something else.

I feel like Family Guy was referencing The Honeymooners. I could be wrong though.

Or, I, was referencing The Hangover.

Sounds mildly kinky.

Ah, yes. Because of the words "whipped" and "cream". And "boyfriend".

Yeah, I thought maybe she was talking in code.

Aww your so romantic! SPLAT! Hahaha!

Sorry I know it's messed up and all but it's funny

Haha surprise!

Nothing says I love you like a pie to the face!

Correction, paper plate with whipped cream and sprinkles.

That's all it is when you "pie" someone. It's not like you use pumpkin pie, apple pie, etc.

85- I guess your right. Meh.

You don't use pumpkin pie?! D: shit!!!! I have So many people to apologize to!!!!

What about keylime? Is that okay?

Why are you mad? That sounds delicious.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk...

I think that's called true love.