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Today, after putting in so much effort to forgive my husband for his affair, we had sex. Not even 2 minutes into it, he called me by the other woman's name. FML
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I'm so sorry OP but I think in certain situations as ones like these which involve your significant other cheating on you, you just have to let him go. There's another man out there for you :)


I'm so sorry OP but I think in certain situations as ones like these which involve your significant other cheating on you, you just have to let him go. There's another man out there for you :)

Cheating bastard? Ain't Nobody got time for that!

Forgive him is never* the answer. There, I fixed it.

While I don't support his mistake, you know him and if he honestly is trying then give him a good chance. Only you can make that decision

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once a cheater always a cheater.

@45 - No, not at all. In high school, I would cheat on girls I dated, no matter how beautiful or fun they were, because I had low self esteem and was out to prove I was desirable. After I graduated, I became more comfortable with myself since I started to look and feel older. Now that I'm more mature, I realize I hurt people unnecessarily. Some people slip up, others need help. It's not a black and white situation. tl;dr, people can change, although some don't want to.

48, so if your self esteem suddenly drops, you'll start cheating again? Great.

@51 - No, because now I understand that what I did was a petty way of feeling better about myself. Instead of running off to the first girl to give me attention, I'll go to my significant other and talk things through. Part of change is actually changing, doll.

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although I think this is a terrible situation for OP, OP deserves it for letting someone who broke their fidelity stay in her life.

#1 is right cheating is ****** up and just one of those things that you can't fix

Op, I'm not going to say whether you should forgive him and continue to try and move forward with him, or whether you should just leave him. Only you know what is best for you and what you can personally handle. My only advice is to think hard about whether you think he is actually trying to fix things and whether you believe he has changed. Despite the saying, I believe that if a person cheats once it doesn't mean they will continue to cheat. I believe people can change, but only you and your husband will know if he actually has. Either way I'm sorry this happened and really do wish you the best in whatever road you follow as neither of them will be easy. We're rooting for you op!

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Baloney. I have 2 friends that have been married for 30 years. I know they both made mistakes but their marriage has been 'mistake' free for more than 20. People are capable of change. And it's crazy to expect 2 people you don't know, nor their situation with each other to quit on generalizations. I'm tired of people thinking marriage is as disposable as a carton of milk. Commitment means sacrifice.

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Sorry I'm late but what is OP ?

Completely agree with #1 over here,he doesn't sound like he's getting better at all and I'm sure the love he had for you is no longer there. You know what must be done...(Cue the SAW movie music)

I'm terribly sorry. No one should experience that

Except maybe OP's husband. What goes around, comes around. I hope things get better for you, OP.

Ouch that's gotta hurt! If he's calling you by her name, he's obviously not over her. You deserve better OP

I'm so sorry op. I hope things get better or you find someone better who won't cheat.

Just say that you missed your period in the next month.

My guess is that this is advice to keep the husband grounded to OP. My next guess is that this particular advice won't work on this particular husband.

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7, we live in a time where not even a child will keep a man grounded to his family. I don't even know why you would suggest that.

33, I'm not sure that this has anything to do with the time we are living in.

Scheisse, the votes downed me. I would have been wittier, but it was late for me. Guess my morals are different also; and its her fault for being a sucker to him.

can you forget that?? the answer is no. So think before you might wanna forgive him again(probably you won't).You deserve better man.

You don't always forget, but that's doesn't mean you can't forgive. Forgetting isn't necessary in order to forgive someone. I'm not saying that op should (or shouldn't) forgive her husband, only she can really make that call and knows if he's actually changed or not, I'm just saying that those two words aren't dependant on the other. I bet most of the things we've forgiven people for (even though they're on a smaller scale than op's issue) probably haven't been forgotten.

i would think again about your marriage if he still has feels for the girl he had an affair with.