Neighborhood watch

By TheAnnoyedNeighbor - 03/10/2011 06:08 - United States

Today, I came back home to find that my house had been robbed, one week after my neighbors. I was walking around my neighborhood to see if anything was suspicious, and discovered that my neighbors had put up a sign, reading: "Rob the neighbors, THEY don't have a security system." FML
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Whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men can easily solve the problem


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Put up another sign.. Security System not needed land and trip mines set, m16 loaded.

FYLDeep 25

Remember, as long as you put up a sign warning robbers of whatever dangers are ahead, most things are legal.

Put a sign up saying, "rape the neighbor's daughter. she's hot!"

20... And she doesn't put up a struggle.

^ but if she does, just chop her boobs off. no biggy.

fthislyfe 22

Raping someone with no boobs is no fun

Just set up some claymores and mines around your house next time That'll work !

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Real claymores are not tripwire like in call of duty. They are more like c4. They need a trigger.

Claymore mines have a tripwire system (laser or wire[wikipedia]) that activates the detonator. Only plastic explosives (C-4, semtex) need a remote detonator (timed, or manual,). The more you know...

34 a tripwire is a trigger, so are lasers.

34, they have a wire that you run to an anchor point and when something disrupts the wire it pulls a pin causing the primary explosion to ignite the secondary explosion causing roughly 700 ball bearings to fly out at the target.

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My Dogs and my shotgun are my security system.

That0therguy 4

Dud shun fung digturr pontue. - That's similar to something you just said.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Why is "they" in all caps? Shouldn't "don't" be the one in caps? Ppl don't get all crazy on me, I'm just saying...

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Rob thy neighbor...isn't that how it goes?

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well either burn down their house or buy a bunch of termites and cover their house with them

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54- wikipedia is not a good source. If you check it now, it only says shit.

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It's pretty common not to have a security system but you were right on the ass holes part.

So I - who don't have a security system, just like the majority of people - deserve it to be robbed?

Well, it's safe to say that this guy was spoiled for all his life...

35 yes. We'll be by later; would you mind leaving a window or two open. Breaking the door is too much effort. ;)

Joking people, damn. 37, you are an idiot.

...And how am I an idiot, holier than thou?

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Because that'll solve all your problems...

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Oh 47 don't be all goody goody

Join the West Side only to find all your stuff there...

Used condoms already placed in college drinking fountains.

that wouldn't solve anything but It sure would be funny (:

omfg_creepers 8

Whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men can easily solve the problem

I was attacked by one once... Or maybe that was just a dream. Or a nightmare. Idk.

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Break the sign and throw it thru Their window!

Yeah that sign is really going to destroy the window....

cupcakesnpot 9

Get them back by putting a sign on your lawn that says "watermelon the neighbors house they don't have insurance!!"

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New sign; "For Sale. My neighbors are dicks so if you like getting ******, this is the house for you."

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Because everyone wants to live next to assholes

That0therguy 4

You might just as well put up a sign saying "I'm an idiot" right next to it, 8.

There's a guy who put up a sign about his neighbor taking pics and video of his wife and daughter and him being a perv. it's funny because it's true and the neighbor has taken roughly 30 signs down in the past four months

Find out the pass code to their system, and post that on a sign on your lawn.

bamagrl410 31

Hahahaha definitely the best response I've seen.