By papertrains - 20/02/2010 15:13 - Singapore

Today, I went to the hospital to get my ingrown toenail removed. The doctors put me on a little surgery table and told me to relax. They then injected anesthetic into my toe four times and used a pair of scissors to slowly cut through my nail. Only, the anesthetic hadn't started to work just yet. FML
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hahahhahaha. You just made my day, Sirin.


I've had this done 3 times, both feet (first time didn't take). Every time, they did the exact same thing. F$%king hurts, eh?


OMG I'M FIRST OH JESUS CHRIST OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! FINALLY! Oh my god, this is such an honour! I-I-I'd like to thank my friends, family, fellow loving Staff members, JESUS, GOD, Snickerdoodles, MercyFML, and that one guy I glassed last night; he had tons of cash in his wallet, and his girlfriend was too drunk to even realise I was a girl when I got her in the sack. Oh god, thank you, thank you! :D

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hahahhahaha. You just made my day, Sirin.

haha that is so funny! u made my day too! and OP tht officially sucks I'm so sorry!!!

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lol, what's funny is that she failed on other fmls with the same comment :L still funny though :)

You do know that being first is not really the point in commenting right, Sirin?

YES. FML staff WIN today. Internets, that is.

Sirin FTW! Now go ahead and hammer onnilief.

WTG Sirin! I'd grovel at your feet except, ah well, just not in these pants. I'm sure you understand.

#43: she was joking. and that was actually pretty funny. haha way to go sirin?

onnielief - you do realise sirin was joking, right onnielief?

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I've had the same thing happen.

Every night I ********** to snickerdoodles' picture.

haha, funny siren:] and aweeD: I'm sorry! my brother had the same surgery but they gave him loopy pills. afterwards, he realized he had farted really loudly during the surgery and laughed right after he farted, hahaha, poor foot doctors

I look up to you sirin lolsnickerdoodles and MercyFM. hahaha

Ah dude, go to the docs and get it fixed. Or try cutting your nail in a straight line across the top of your nail so it will grow out, if that doesn't work then yeah go to the docs. Because it WILL get infected and the Infection will get worse and spread, might lose your toe if you don't do anything bout it. :D I'm just sayin'

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lol sirin u just Made mu day


I've had this done 3 times, both feet (first time didn't take). Every time, they did the exact same thing. F$%king hurts, eh?

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Ugh, I hate those! I got one removed back in the 6th grade. I had to walk around school with my big toe mummified and wearing one shoe, one brightly colored sock and flip-flop.. O.o

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I've had this done on both of my big toes. I honestly can't believe they didn't do the "poke test" to see of the anesthetic took. but even with the numbing it hurts like hell! the worst part is the first time you soak it and have to remove the packing. I was so grossed out I cried.

lol i had to get my ingrown toenail removed TWICE

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i had it done twice... on each foot

Don't be a wimp. I remove my own ingrown toenails without any anesthetic.

yes but sometimes they get infected and don't get better even if u remove them. then the doc has to do it.

I do the same. It's much easier than having to go to the damn hospital. Cut it out, soak it in hot water and Epsom salt, and you're good.

YDI you shoulda told them... and if they didn't ask you still deserve it for going to them

I think they can tell by the screaming

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dam why didn't u tell them it wasn't numb yet.. wow turkadur moment for sure

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You deserved it. Mainly because everyone reacts to pain analgesics differently. When you don't feel numb yet your supposed to inform the doctor before he does anything painful. YDI for being an idiot, and bitching over an ingrown toenail.

She deserves it because her body reacts strangely to anesthetics? Yeah definitely. And bitching about an ingrown toenail? When exactly did she bitch about it? When she told the doctor she'd like to get her toe fixed so she wouldn't have to live through the pain anymore? Yes, she's definitely a whiner!

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Uh, it's the DOCTOR'S responsibility to check if she feels anything before doing the actual procedure! Now once the doctor started cutting at the 1st sign of pain/feeling she should have told the doctor something(She might have, we don't know).. But the doctor should have check 1st, he/she should just assume that 4 doses is enough.

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Sometimes doctors forget. Happened to me with mine. Skipped the injections, just went at it. FYL OP for getting 4 doses! Sucks that it hurt, too.

Sometimes the doctors are just idiots and don't care if it's not numb. When I had mine pulled they used a stupid squirt on anesthetic that did nothing. They just said to man up and deal with it. Me and the other kid that got his pulled almost passed out when we left after the pain shock hit us.

Asshole much? What if OP is a dancer? Dancers get ingrown toenails more often than we care to count. I've had two, but I spotted them before they got too serious and just cut them off myself. One of my friends, however, got an ingrown toenail that was so bad she couldn't even wear a shoe on the injured foot. She had to dance barefoot with her tights rolled up because she couldn't have anything covering that toe. That was not something she could have dealt with by herself. The cause? Her toenails were too long when she did a dance on pointe. That simple. OP is not a wimp for going to the hospital or a bitch for "whining" about it. Your experience with ingrown toenails probably extends to when you pick it off instead of cutting it, creating that nasty sharp edge. And don't blame her for what the doctors did; if I were in that scenario I wouldn't look because it makes me sick, so therefore I wouldn't know if the anesthetic had taken effect until I felt the pain. Shut up and think about other possible scenarios before you profess your rude, bitchy condescending opinions on topics you know nothing about. Saying "that sucks" or "feel better, OP. hope that doesn't happen again" works perfectly fine if you want to comment but can't think of anything that wouldn't be insulting to the OP when it's clear that in no way was this her fault.