By Anonymous - United States
Today, my husband was planning on getting me my favorite movie as an anniversary present; I ended up buying it. He had to give me the money and leave because he is severely arachnophobic and couldn't even pick up the box. I have to hide the movie for fear of it being destroyed. Again. FML
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By  Naith  |  14

Unlucky OP but on the bright side I am first. Just make sure it safe what ever you do plus your husband should be more like my sister and leave the room screaming

  BunchieRules  |  31

46 - Not sure about the cover, but it was the second spider movie that came to mind. The first was "Eight Legged Freak", which was obviously already taken.

  UberNova  |  18

We are in 2012 now, why did he not just order it online, when the package came (unless he ordered something else) he would know the film was in there (but would have packaging on it) no need to even see it; so, he could have tried harder, or thought about it more.

  UberNova  |  18

81- I don't know how it is for others outside of the UK, but when GAME delivers a game, the delivery is free. Besides, if you get scared over a digital picture of a spider, then that is pathetic.

  FalconWhitaker  |  20

Spiders any day. The mental image of Tommy Wiseau appearing from under my bed and saying "How's your sex life, huuuuuuuh?" is far more hideous than any arachnid.

  Syndromia  |  15

108, clearly you've never seen The Room. It's so bad it makes Twilight look like a cinematic masterpiece. The dialogue is terrible, the music is terrible, the plot is terrible, it's all just awful. It was filmed in order and you can see the female lead gaining weight over the fact that she's starring in the worst movie ever made and that it's just this side of soft core porn. One actor just up and quit mid movie and they brought in a new character to say the rest of his lines and never explain who the new dude is.

It has about a billion subplots that are mentioned once and then are never mentioned again, like how Lisa's mother (Lisa is the main female character) was diagnosed with breast cancer. You'd think that would be something that would come up at least once or twice during the rest of the movie but no, you never hear a word about it again.