By Anonymous - 26/10/2012 15:20 - United States

Today, my husband was planning on getting me my favorite movie as an anniversary present; I ended up buying it. He had to give me the money and leave because he is severely arachnophobic and couldn't even pick up the box. I have to hide the movie for fear of it being destroyed. Again. FML
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C'mon people, use your head. We all know Charlotte's Web takes the cake.


Naith 14

Unlucky OP but on the bright side I am first. Just make sure it safe what ever you do plus your husband should be more like my sister and leave the room screaming

I thought these I am first comments died.

guckylynn 19

What movie could bring about such a negative reaction?

Zoh_Aubrey 8

A movie about spiders, obviously.

Eight Legged Freaks is a nightmare for arachnophobic people.

killer6969 16

At least he tried u know some ppl wouldn't even but u a present

BunchieRules 31

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Though I'm not arachnophobic, Aragog still gives me the creeps.

Donat96 20

Maybe it was Kingdom of the Spiders.

30-I was thinking the same thing but idk if the cover has Argog on it. Does anybody know by some chance? He is probably on one of the versions

BunchieRules 31

46 - Not sure about the cover, but it was the second spider movie that came to mind. The first was "Eight Legged Freak", which was obviously already taken.

PleaseStayChill 9

I am severely, insanely arachnophobic and 8-legged freaks didn't scare me. It was just ridiculous. Arachnophobia scared the holy hell out of me, though.

jessughka 10

Arachnaphobia is right! Be careful when you go to put on your boots! I still can't watch that movie, freaked me out when I was young

C'mon people, use your head. We all know Charlotte's Web takes the cake.

At least he didn't make you pay for it.

JerryH 9

Was it Eight Legged Freaks? If I know and arachnophobe, that would be the worst movie for one to watch

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28- don't mind the socially awkward penguin

86, he is the socially AWESOME penguin. You just don't see many because sadly it is a dying breed

How many more people are gonna say arachnaphobia or eight legged freaks????

100- you mean the baloney islands. baloney

Why did so many people dislike this comment? I thought it was funny lol

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Unibear 1

We are in 2012 now, why did he not just order it online, when the package came (unless he ordered something else) he would know the film was in there (but would have packaging on it) no need to even see it; so, he could have tried harder, or thought about it more.

71, you have to look at it while you are ordering it. Plus its cheaper to just buy it in the store. You dot have to pay for shipping and handling.

81- I don't know how it is for others outside of the UK, but when GAME delivers a game, the delivery is free. Besides, if you get scared over a digital picture of a spider, then that is pathetic.

92, you think being afraid of a digital image of a spider is pathetic? The fact that he's afraid of a box is more sad to me.

"Severely arachnaphobic" Kinda hints at the fact that the very image of a spider will send him into a panic attack.

He should have bought you something else. Maybe something both of you can enjoy.

Studded condoms don't work. The studs are too small and a female can (in most cases) hardly or even don't feel any difference at all.

Perhaps he should have given you a present that he wasn't deathly afraid of...

No movie is more terrifying than the room

GreenJerusha 2

The room? I love horror movies but. Ever heard of that one. Z

Nothing is scarier than the acting in The Room.

But a movie about spiders is certainly scarier. Which would you rather find under your bed, a big hairy spider or Tommy Wiseau?

FalconWhitaker 20

Spiders any day. The mental image of Tommy Wiseau appearing from under my bed and saying "How's your sex life, huuuuuuuh?" is far more hideous than any arachnid.

Epsilonyx 15


71) Nothing is scarier than the acting in Twilight.

108, clearly you've never seen The Room. It's so bad it makes Twilight look like a cinematic masterpiece. The dialogue is terrible, the music is terrible, the plot is terrible, it's all just awful. It was filmed in order and you can see the female lead gaining weight over the fact that she's starring in the worst movie ever made and that it's just this side of soft core ****. One actor just up and quit mid movie and they brought in a new character to say the rest of his lines and never explain who the new dude is. It has about a billion subplots that are mentioned once and then are never mentioned again, like how Lisa's mother (Lisa is the main female character) was diagnosed with breast cancer. You'd think that would be something that would come up at least once or twice during the rest of the movie but no, you never hear a word about it again.

It could be worse, at least he did try, and tried again.

I suppose it's your favourite movie because you enjoy watching your husband squirm at the sight of it, isn't it OP :P