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  fertie226  |  1

I feel like we never know the full story...maybe he blocked it because you rack up crazy cable bills, or maybe he's the only one paying the bills in the first place?

if I'm wrong, I'm sorry, and FYL

  Ludii_fml  |  0

good i'm not crazy it's like the third time it happens.. so yeah the stereotype is "i bring the money home, you make the sandwiches" if she can't use the money then he can't eat the sandwiches. foshizzle! ( sorry i've been wanting to say it.. )

  BehindTheSun  |  2

Of course, maybe the type of movies she's renting have an effect on her husband's reaction. Anyone one up for the great summer hit, Swallow or it's Going in Your Eye? What about the popular film, Suck it Bitch?

  marcranger  |  28

the sequel to Swallow is much better. it's called Next Time You Ask For a Blow Job, I'll Bite Off Your Dick and Shove It Up Your Ass. long title, but it's the best movie ever made.