By mylifeblows - 19/08/2010 06:15 - United States

Today, I found out my husband put a parental block on the TV so I couldn't rent a movie. I'm 42. FML
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Maybe he dosnt want u wasting $ on crappy movies?

Turn the tables on him. Either that or just force him to tell you the password. Simple solutions for simple problems.


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what type of movies WERE you renting???

It could have been a lot worse! he could have put an parental block on FML!

thats what you get for trying to rent a movie from your tv provider

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well it's very obvious who wears the pants in the family lol

just put a penile block on your ******. problem solved!

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I feel like we never know the full story...maybe he blocked it because you rack up crazy cable bills, or maybe he's the only one paying the bills in the first place? if I'm wrong, I'm sorry, and FYL

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does he give you an allowance too?

well if ur 42 u shouldnt need those "videos" you should be getting the real stuff know what i mean?

I'm with fertie on this one, it could also be bcuz of kids if the op has any

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its funny because skroal deserved it

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it's funny because skroal got banned and all of us wanted him to shutup and now he can't even comment

^and I'm talking about the people who were talking about skroal being banned the time he's back

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I agree with you 44, people never really tell the whole story.

Not an FML. He's just trying to save money. If it's your money, he's only trying to help. If it's his, it's his choice.

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reminds me of the movie stepbrothers

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haha Step Brothers. i like The Hangover better(: skroal being banned made my day! :DD

73: I hope a parental block would always be on one's pussy... and a child lock as well. O.O

maybe cuz he caught ur renting **** from the tv, he cud hav just disabled the local **** channel instead :o! ;P

yay skroal would have been dead within a few fml's if he wasnt banned

Well my dear lady, do you pay the bills? I am going to assume No, so I see method in your husband's madness!

what a control freak...they are married..she is an adult and should be able to watch a movie whenever she damned well pleases!

Yes, I agree, when she pays the bills she can do what she pleases. ;-)

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if ur name is brennen and u were in step brothers then it would b ok but if not then ydi op for still living with ur dad

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i failed epicly i read the fml wrong i thought it said dad so fml haha

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when you're married you share everything.

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uh that was for a different comment.. "if he's paying for it he has the rightvto do so"

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good i'm not crazy it's like the third time it happens.. so yeah the stereotype is "i bring the money home, you make the sandwiches" if she can't use the money then he can't eat the sandwiches. foshizzle! ( sorry i've been wanting to say it.. )

Turn the tables on him. Either that or just force him to tell you the password. Simple solutions for simple problems.

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Of course, maybe the type of movies she's renting have an effect on her husband's reaction. Anyone one up for the great summer hit, Swallow or it's Going in Your Eye? What about the popular film, Suck it Bitch?

the sequel to Swallow is much better. it's called Next Time You Ask For a ********, I'll Bite Off Your Dick and Shove It Up Your Ass. long title, but it's the best movie ever made.

well, maybe if you didn't rent as much **** he wouldn't have to block it.

Maybe he dosnt want u wasting $ on crappy movies?