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  Welshite  |  39

I can't handle horror. My first horror movie gave me nightmares for two months and I couldn't walk through my bedroom without some sort of light on.

It was quite pathetic really.

  klovely22  |  13

I love scary movies. The only movie that has ever scared me though, was Paranormal Activity. Yes, I said it. Even after seeing it was fake, I still didn't go to bed until the sun came out. I was way to afraid to sleep. THAT'S pathetic.

By  rs89  |  20

You totally deserve this op. If you can't handle horror, you shouldn't have made a fool out of yourself in front of your crush by taking her to one. She would've leaned on you if she initially liked you. Bright side is, sone girls don't care whether you can handle horror movies or not.

  rs89  |  20

It's not. However, op assumed that she wouldn't handle it and built his own theory on this assumption. Thus, he only complicated the movies date while he could've taken her to something else where she'd hear him laugh or they'd have some quality time together.