By pussyface96 - 19/09/2012 09:27 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I asked a girl I like to the movies. Wanting her to lean on me and stay in my arms during the movie, I chose a horror film. I screamed like a pussy the whole time. FML
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kut17 11

Did she let you stay in her arms?

Aww.. Well, I wouldn't judge you! Horror movies are scary no matter what sex you are!


kut17 11

Did she let you stay in her arms?

She should have to comfort him so he wouldn't be scared. Haha. Was the movie in 3D? That would make it more eye popping.

You should always let the girl choose the movie, they always appreciate it.

Inheritance 10

YDI for being a cocky son of a bitch!

if thats a first date for a movie shoulda chose something more mello like a comedy.

Aww.. Well, I wouldn't judge you! Horror movies are scary no matter what sex you are!

I can't handle horror. My first horror movie gave me nightmares for two months and I couldn't walk through my bedroom without some sort of light on. It was quite pathetic really.

The only horror movie I've ever seen is The Shining... So I'm pretty traumatised.

I've been watching horror movies since I was six. I laugh at these movies

Next time it should just be a regular movie or a movie you both will enjoy. Romance movies always work.

I love scary movies. The only movie that has ever scared me though, was Paranormal Activity. Yes, I said it. Even after seeing it was fake, I still didn't go to bed until the sun came out. I was way to afraid to sleep. THAT'S pathetic.

Did she hold you during the scary parts? ;-)

You totally deserve this op. If you can't handle horror, you shouldn't have made a fool out of yourself in front of your crush by taking her to one. She would've leaned on you if she initially liked you. Bright side is, sone girls don't care whether you can handle horror movies or not.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Wow, calm down. Why is "handling a horror" suddenly such a big deal?

It's not. However, op assumed that she wouldn't handle it and built his own theory on this assumption. Thus, he only complicated the movies date while he could've taken her to something else where she'd hear him laugh or they'd have some quality time together.

BeforeItWasCool 12

That's a good point. Still, horror films aren't actually that bad these days, OP must be a real pussy

Little harsh?

What movie was it? Whether or not you really are a pussy depends on this.

jjohnson26559 1


flockz 19

Finding Nemo 3D.

Never say never.

#50 I would probably cry blood if I saw that movie

41 is right; it was definitely Finding Nemo 3D.

That sucks OP I'm sorry

No shit.

LOL .. You just made my day !!!!

rebel_belle1974 5

awww that's so cute! bet it made a great Facebook status (for her)

Wow great joke, dude!

TheOath 12

Facebook is overrated.

KaelaKhaotic 5

Did she cuddle you through the movie?

Cute, but YDI.. Wouldn't you think you'd know that you'd be scared?!

Apparently not. Did you read the FML?

Your pic is... umm... interesting?