By Samantha - 30/10/2010 05:41 - United States

Today, I went to see Paranormal Activity 2 with my boyfriend. In hopes of him putting his arm around me or holding my hand, I told him that I was very scared and pretended to cry a little. He told me to be quiet because I was ruining the movie for him. Then he moved seats. FML
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Ah, just what every guy wants, a needy, annoying girlfriend, who demands attention at inappropriate times, and isn't afraid to lie and be emotionally manipulative to get what they want.


pooper19 3

oh, he tried to old penis in the popcorn trick huh

wowthatshorrible_fml 0

#1 has a point and I also laughed at the fact that he moved seats

Anyone else laugh when the baby started floating?

morgann4826 0

I did! and this is really your fault OP. paranormal activity is the shit. don't ruin if with your stupid whining.

Currentlyonfire 4

sounds like op is a pansy. scared of paranormal activity. lol.

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"Today, while watching Paranormal Activity 2 with my creepy friend who thinks we're in a relationship, she started freaking out and crying trying to grope me. 2 more hours left. FML."

i laughed when she got dragged out of bed in the first one. can't wait to see the second one :)

fakeaccountX 6

29 you bastard I didn't see it yet

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OP, life lesson, most people enjoy watching the movies they payed to see. You want him to hold your hand? Then grab his hand yourself. No need to break down in the movie theatre because your man wants to enjoy the movie.

On a side note; I dislike having sex/making out while watching a movie I haven't seen before, because i enjoy watching movies allot. Especially when in a movie theatre I hate these things. I payed $25 for me and my partner to see a movie, not do something I coulda done at home for free.

christa953 12

cry alittle? no movie is that scary especially paranormal activity!!!

missmurderx 8

your dog freaks the shit out of me.

47- sadly I have a dog just like that. Well, it's my mom's.

#47 I don't know why but your comment made me crack up

Boyfriend? How can he be youre boyfriend if youre hoping that hell hold your hand? Are you 10 years old?

jwbbabe 9

exactly !? if he's your boyfriend he should be doing that stuff anyways !

Nederlander95 14

*your *you're *he'll. And yeah, that should probably be standard habit.

txgirl2013 14

umm wow he's not getting any tonight!

ouch that was slightly unnecessary. r remember people who make fun of others for no reason are just insecure about themselves!

No, sometimes it fun just to crack a joke or bust someones balls.

Or they're so confident in themselves that they decide to show people how much better they are than them.

If they were so confident in themselves, why would they need to show people how much better they are? And OP, who cries during a scary movie anyway? Let alone pretending to cry...

Congratulations, you've all been successfully trolled by cjw. Just ignore these assholes and they go away. In case you missed that, you're the asshole. Ever heard of a Virginia gentleman? Clearly you have not. Dick.

****** gentleman? How the hell does that make any sense?

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it makes sense cuz he means dat all the haters dont get no pussy

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34- EWWWY bursting some ones balls sounds NASTY! Like cum and stuff comming out with blood and a watery fluid! plus my throwup on it >.< why would you say that?! I'm about to sleep and I'll dream about balls bursting :(

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34- EWWWY bursting some ones balls sounds NASTY! Like cum and stuff comming out with blood and a watery fluid! plus my throwup on it >.< why would you say that?! I'm about to sleep and I'll dream about balls bursting :(

Sorry OP, for not having any paranormal activity in the theater with your boyfriend.

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lmfao wtf? Just make the move if you're that desperate, take charge damn it!

BelleElle_fml 5

Why would you cry? Just hold his hand. Big deal.

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iAlcala 0
perdix 29

Your lousy acting was probably better than what was on-screen. If you have to go to such lengths to get him to touch you, you don't have a boyfriend -- you have either an asexual male companion, a loser who is using you to prove to other girls that he actually dates, or a latent homosexual who is using you to hide his true nature. Take your pick.

Maybe she's just an ugly bitch, and the movie light accentuates it even more so.

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Haha, they moderated my comment and it wasn't even.directed at you. I called OP's bf a ****.

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Really? I was basically agreeing with perdix. Just wow.

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Or maybe he just wanted to watch the movie? Not wanting to hold ur gf's hand does not make him any of the things u said. It makes him interested in the movie. What you said is just silly.

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wow needy ass bitch...big deal he dident hold your hand durning a movie...

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well you shoulda shut the hell up. 1. The movie isn't scary at all, so I doubt he believed you. 2. It's a good movie, I wouldn't have put up with your shit either. 3. Why didn't you step up and do it first?