By Anonymous - 25/10/2013 04:35 - United States - Grand Prairie

Today, I went to a haunted house with the girl I like, thinking that she would get scared and turn to me for comfort. I ended up running out, and was put on the Wall of Shame. FML
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You can also turn to her for comfort :)

Ah, the old "try to impress a girl by doing something stupid"routine. It's a trick men have been failing at for thousands of years. Come on, men! We're smarter than that! We don't need to do stupid shit to impress any...hey, what's this red button for?


You can also turn to her for comfort :)

As an added bonus, women have built in comfort pillows just below eye level.

And they actually listen when you talk, unlike us men >_>

I mean in general

JMichael 25

Lay your scared little head on my big soft bosom and I shall tell you tales of when I was a wee little lass.

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Maybe she will think its cute. You'll laugh about it later.

#28 And then afterwards can we bake cookies and sing songs of tales from long ago while we frolic in the woods?

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It's ok OP. We all have our own fears. Better luck next time. Or at least next time remind yourself it's just a fake haunted house?

Or he should remind himself that he deserves it because he's a pu$$y

He deserves it for being scared? That's just stupid, everyone gets scared sometimes, and haunted houses can be very scary!

tpm45 25

Maybe next time take her to the movies or something?.... Just a suggestion for the future.

Goblin182 26

What #3 said, but make it a Disney movie.

Rainhawk94 27

What #16 said just not as pointless

Try a movie next time. They don't have a Wall of Shame so you can discretely run out.

Or even discreetly run out. Of course, she's bound to notice if she looks to her date for any reason and sees an empty chair, but nice try.

I hope you at least ran out with her over your back, like a real "man"

Wait you ran out? Swap roles that might how did she do go all the way through? And wonder where you were for the time you she was scared...sure hope she doesn't hold that over you...

You must face your fears my friend!!!! Try again and complete the path through the house! It will be a sweet victory for your soul!!!

Hopefully she found it sooo funny. That shes going to forget that you ran your ass off. What made you run either way? Do tell us.

UnluckyGenius 21

This should go down on the list for "things jackasses do"

Good idea. A real "man" doesn't run!

Very macho! Pick something you know you are fine with the next time maybe? Roller coasters for example - you can't run when you are strapped in... Just don't throw up on her! :D