By JJMan217 - 29/03/2011 06:28 - Canada

Today, I found out that using a certain hand sanitizer as masturbation lube will put you in the hospital and result in having to wear an adult diaper for a week. FML
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wow that was a smart move. Do you brush your teeth with toilet cleaner?

only time to do that is when you don't know where your penis has been..not for recreational use


wow that was a smart move. Do you brush your teeth with toilet cleaner?

least your dicks clean.... not from the hand sanitizer but all the sex you're not having!! dumbass

hand sanitizer has more alchohol than most drinks so its safer to just dip it in your beer next time.

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I'm dying to know which hand sanitizer so I know for future reference ;)

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#62 it's a slightly different type of alchohol

it's a fake... saw that in american pie..

Was it purell? that stuff burns like a sonuvabitch.

LOL! Did you too have to wear a diaper for a week? ;-)

I'd rather not know the reasons ...

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chuck Norris masterbates with lava

Chuck Norris doesn't **********, he gets off by roundhouse kicking Siberian tigers in the face.

Chuck Norris doesn't **********, he ***** the universe.

Sorry but Bruce Lee kicked Chuck Norry's ass.

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Perhaps in a movie Snookie. Not in real life.


chuck Norris uses a blow torch and a monkey wrench to **********

but i cant do that so this pic of you will do

Bruce Lee trained chuck Norris, and could beat chuck norris' ass until the day he died. that's a fact.

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But what if Chuck Norris actually trained Bruce Lee, and was such an amazing teacher that he created a foe even he couldn't defeat?

might as well jerk it with vodka ya yard. main ingredient alcohol

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lol! I thought calling them a yard was funny :)

This was the only time I clicked the "you totally deserved it" button while simultaneously saying out loud that the person totally deserves it.

op does deserve it. but am wondering that if only certain sanitizer causes that, which sanitizers has the op used in past without any problems?

only time to do that is when you don't know where your penis has been..not for recreational use

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refering to bensyn? hahaha "unless u dont know where ur penis has been. in that case. purell it up"

51 I'm a nuclear engineer so stfu and yep a bensyn reference

176, He could be a nuclear engineer at 19 in the military.

he's 18 idiot. the fact that you cant count automatically makes your comments rubbish, Beaner.

What does you being a nuclear engineer have to do with anything??

there's no such thing as a BA of science... it's called a BS a BA is a bachelor of the arts

Anti-flood protection is what the adult diaper's for, duh.

Something that the Japanese didn't have. I know, that was pretty bad.

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lol #74 made me crack I feel like a terrible person.

it always says anti flood protection to me when I post a comment for some reason ?

It is when you post too much, it stops you "flooding" the comments section with spam, racism or inane bull shit.

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#74 I laughed so hard that I think I'm going to go to hell now.

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hahahahhahaha i laughed so hard at this comment.!(:

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y would you use hand sanitizer to jack off??

if the Japanese do it, who gives two *****? Funny? IDK STOP STARING AT ME!!! D:

What in the hell made you think, "this is a good idea"?

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because they're a ******* moron!!!