By shitbucketsfilledwithshit - 08/10/2015 16:04 - United States - Spring

Today, while walking home after a night of partying, I saw a thin, bald person in a suit looking at me from across the street. I got flashbacks to the Slender Man, screamed like a little bitch and ran. Then I realized I'd just humiliated myself in front of some random guy waiting for a bus. FML
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Video games change you, man.

Maybe it was agent 47


At least it wasn't the hash slinging Slasher

The rash pinging smasher?

The clash ringing flasher?

The bash zinging masher?

The sash bringing dasher?

Video games change you, man.

yea, video games may have saved his life. cuz that man may have been a serial killer. Your move, parents.

at least no one was sacrificed...

Dude did you collect the 8 pages need.

At least it wasn't your boss?

Slender Man is not to be messed with. Think of it as a form practice in case you run into the real deal.

Slender Man is fake so no chance of that at least!

Someone isn't going to see tomorrow...

First time I've seen a comment that's right be voted this negatively

Go watch the Marble Hornets videos on YouTube and say that again, 15.

Maybe it was agent 47

Yes and average agent 47 waiting for bus stop to go to his contract killing job.

you'll never survive now, run all you want but he will always catch up to you.

Similiar thing happened to me. The only difference is, I didn't scream. I ran home and played the game.

Now it's too late. you'll see him towering over you with his tentacles dragging you into the darkness.

Sorry I'll pass on the hentai

I'm just stating he has them. wasn't trying to go there guys

Drunk moment 101. Don't blame ya, slender man is terrifying.