By katybaby - / Thursday 9 December 2010 17:15 / United States
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By  perdix  |  29

He's a shitty zombie -- zombies don't run, they have this ridiculous stiff-legged walk.

He deserves a nut punch for perverting the zombie concept.

  Whydoyouask  |  11

I know right! Everyone should know exactly how their significant other will react if you act like a zombie. Because punching and crying its completely normal. I thought that was common knowledge... smh.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

He had it coming, darling, and if he wants to use the 'domestic violence' card as he cries about it in the corner, it might be about time to check if those balls of his are genuine.

  starile  |  19

Maybe it wasn't a reflex punch, but an anger punch after she screamed and saw he was just playing around. They need to talk over what is appropriate behavior around each other.

Then hump like rabbits.