By katybaby - 09/12/2010 17:15 - United States

Today, my husband ran at me, groaning like a zombie. I was so startled that I screamed, punched him, and started sobbing. Now he won't talk to me because this is 'the first step on the road of domestic violence'. FML
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Rule #2 Double Tap. Might want to punch him again just in case.

I have no idea on how to respong either.


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woah =O lol

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why the fuck was she sobbing?

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oh whoa. I don't see what her husband has done wrong that deserve a punch. and she started sobbing? idk :S

Read it again, idiot.

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Imagine you learned to punctuate.

Lolol that was a definite win!

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why would she need to imagine what she did to her zombie husband? she already did it.

You sound dumb.

I have no idea on how to respong either.

perdix 29

He's a shitty zombie -- zombies don't run, they have this ridiculous stiff-legged walk. He deserves a nut punch for perverting the zombie concept.

Zombies can run. But only after the nut punch. Maybe she was preemptive?

Obviously you haven't played nazi zombies.

left for dead? those zombies are fast as fuck!

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Looks like someone hasn't played Call of Duty Nazi zombies.

im with the 3 upper comments ^^^

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they could run, you idiot. Ever watch zombieland?

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You KNOW what you can do to make it up to him... Hop to it!

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Wow you fist deep in this sitiuation

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He's really pathetic. He should have known what it would do to you in the first place and what might happen. Tell him to man up and grow a pair.

I know right! Everyone should know exactly how their significant other will react if you act like a zombie. Because punching and crying its completely normal. I thought that was common knowledge... smh.

He had it coming, darling, and if he wants to use the 'domestic violence' card as he cries about it in the corner, it might be about time to check if those balls of his are genuine.

Maybe it wasn't a reflex punch, but an anger punch after she screamed and saw he was just playing around. They need to talk over what is appropriate behavior around each other. Then hump like rabbits.