By Anonymous - 19/08/2012 23:25 - United Kingdom - Kent

Today, after years of bad blood, my husband decided to invite his parents to dinner. After making rude remarks about my pregnancy, his dad eventually muttered that I'm a slut. My husband punched him, his wife called the police, and now I'm all alone while he sits in a jail cell for battery. FML
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But what a good husband for sticking up got his wife! (:

His dad seems like a bit of an ass. Kudos to your husband for sticking up for you, though! He doesn't deserve to be in prison.


Sounds like a bad chain of events.

I agree with 17, not many people are brave enough to stand up to their parents like that. Kudos to your husband OP.

OP your husband should be awarded for what he did for standing up for you. This is the kind of man every women would wish to have.

I bet your father-in-law won't make the mistake of calling you a slut again!

AClassActx3 7

I agree . He is a great man / husband for that. Should he have PHYSICALLY assaulted his dad? Ehh.. I don't think so

Agree. I went through something similar but it was my parents being arseholes to my now husband of 22years... I didn't speak to them for years. Is all good now. We just had to stand up to them; together.

I'll bet your father-in-law was quite surprized haha. "She's a slut, son" BAM!

I have anger problems sometimes. So --I'm not preaching-- but I think a brutal session of barking profanities and good old fashioned forced removal would have sufficed.

ThePsyche 9

Well that escalated quickly ._.

Would you say it was a series of unfortunate events? No? Okay.....

So, beside a Fist Sammich, what else was for dinner?

Blood from the father-in-laws wound to wash it all down.

128- I doubt it. Unless punching inflicts open wounds.

Violence is never the answer, 17. He should have asked him to leave.

I disagree, 148. Sometimes assholes just need a good punch to the face.

Uuhhh, you obviously have never seen boxing or UFC have you? Or someone get punched in the nose and get a nose bleed? You didn't think to much before you posted did you?

But what a good husband for sticking up got his wife! (:

And yet she is all alone at home:(

Why an FML? I give that man props

KingCeltic77 18

It's a shame though that he had to stand up to his parents. It's sad how families can't get along.

Sure, every family has their ups and downs, but that doesn't mean they can't get along. OP's in-laws are simply a worse-case. And the wham! to the face wasn't a result of the value of family declining, but of the dad being a dick

In this case her father-in-law is down and her husband is up

66- lol says Red Forman ;P

I wish my fiancé would stand up to his parents. He doesn't do anything when they talk bad about me. At least your husband cares more about you than their stupid opinions, OP. Sucks that he got sent to jail though. He should have just made them leave.

I think that's why she married him.

AFloppyWetWhale 6

101 & 112 - both of you mentioned "in-law" in your comments, but Op's parents were the parents in the FML. Op's father clearly didn't approve from the start of their relationship, it wasn't just another one of those 'damn parent in-laws'.

AFloppyWetWhale 6

Oh wow never mind the first time I read it I thought the husband was the Op. My mistake.

Reading is fundamental.

I would be pissed too if my parents did that to my wife or gf who doesn't exist. foreveralone

Seriously, and I thought I had family drama.

That didn't go as planned...

iseyixes 18

Oh really? Wow, you know how to state the obvious.

Or maybe it did...

soad2014 7

No shit, Sherlock

Neither did your comment!


I wonder why society has to be such retards? I can obviously tell by how fucking dumb you all are. And obviously lack a sense of humor and common knowledge of sarcasm

His dad seems like a bit of an ass. Kudos to your husband for sticking up for you, though! He doesn't deserve to be in prison.

Psych101 9

Not just his dad, his mom, too. Who the hell calls the cops on her own son after a provoked reaction like that?

Might not be a biological mother. She said wife instead of mother, so I'm thinking it is probably a step mom.

Psych101 9

Regardless of whether they were related by blood or not, she's still his mother.

Psych101 9

Actually, upon further consideration, I think you were more correct. Unless his dad re-married at an early age for OP's husband, then his stepmom wouldn't be much of a mother to him.

dylanmellark101 5

Hey the next time u feel like insulting dyslexics. Dont

SenselessPattern 12

#152, what in the actual fuck? Where did you come from, and how did you get THAT out of this thread?

MistaKrista 8

Since this happened in your own home, I wonder if you could save him by saying you told them to leave and they wouldn't? At that point it becomes trespassing on their part and you have legal rights to remove them. Hell, if someone can get injured while robbing you, then sue you and win, anything is possible.

It's my joke profile picture.

Lct1196 31

Actually, ops husband can't get in trouble here. There is a clause in US law about fighting words. If someone is provoked enough, they are legally allowed to fight them without charges.

fukmefreddy 4

Is your promiscuity the reason for the bad blood?

aimee0027 17

Can't you bail him out?

She might not have the money.

AClassActx3 7

Not even just the money, if she has the money, many places take a long time to process people before they're released

AClassActx3 7

Not even just the money, if she has the money, many places take a long time to process people before they're released

dbt88 15

Here, you sit until you can see a judge for a felony, but not necessarily a misdemeanor. Depends what he was charged with and UK's rules on it as to whether that could even be a possibility.

Bail doesn't work that way in the UK.

Should've punched his wife. No one likes a snitch.

Pretty sure he heard his father mutter that, hence why he punched him. It's ok though, you don't have to socialise with your extended family.

Yeah, but the wife is the one who called the cops on OP'S husband. You get invited over for dinner, act an ass, then call the cops on your son(in-law) for retaliating like a man? That deserves at least one strike.

And who wants to punch their own mother?

Well,it wasn't her husband's mother..more like a step mom. I'm sure we all would love to whack 'em in the face a few times. >:D

Reminds me of my name is earl

Well, he punched his father

Why did he call you a slut?

Bad remarks and pregnant are two phrases in this FML. Connect the dots.

They're married. How the fuck does that make her a slut?

Cause the parents are probably FML commenters, and make shit up about OP just so they can have an excuse to insult her.

Louis0785 4

8- Happy birthday!

8- Happy 18th, Ebony. And in no way do I see how married and pregnant makes her a slut either. ;P Op's father-in-law's just an ass.

27- thank you very much! :)

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Well...its still the 19th over here! So happy almost birthday?

Mmm finally legal

Happy birthday!!

#13 Yeah, but she's married.

akg98 13

Thats an awesome husband though, to stand up for u instead of just leaving hom to critisize you :D

Do you mind if I throw a dictionary at your face?

akg98 13

-.- yes, i would go mamma umbrige on your ass though

winnerme123 8

That's a dedicated husband.