By jaydiv - 22/11/2009 09:15 - Australia

Today, I saw my cat outside taking a dump. I pulled back the curtain and watched him clean it up, because I found it fascinating that animals can do that. I must have been standing there for several minutes before I noticed the neighbour next door looking at me being fascinated by my cat pooing. FML
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^^ Eat your own poop or watch your pet? ;) Sorry, the ambiguity was just too obvious to pass up. If you want your pet to stop eating their poop, sprinkle a bit of meat tenderizer on their food. When they poop it out, it makes it unappetizing.

Okie7123 0

Works for dogs, but I don't know about cats, haven't tried it for them.

dont worry. you live in tasmania. the guy is probably use to oddballs.

The cat wasn't eating it's poop. It was "cleaning it up". Covering it.

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My dog doesn't eat its own poop it eats other animals poop like cow pat or horse shit but my dog is a mini-jack-rustle so she eats poop which is more than half the size of her .

#73 - If you'd stop being an I attentive dumbass and star reading the whole damn FML, you'd find that OP's cat was 'cleaning,' or 'burrying,' it's poop. OP never once said the cat was eating it's own shit.

I like how you guys are having a serious argument about vampires pooping.

Vampires poop too. The only difference is that vampire poop sparkles beautifully, so it cleans the toilet bowl as it goes. Much better, all natural, no need to use those chemicals to make your toilet bowl all shiny clean like humans do.

#67 May I interest you in a dictionary? It's this affordable and greatly useful marvel of the modern world, in which your uneducated ass can look up words such as irony, satire and a few others, and perhaps become less imbecilic. FYI, people who drink soup sh*t too even when it's liquid...

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You know why vampires don't poop. Because they're not real. We don't need a dissertation to tell us that

wow ur ******. arguing about vampire shit?

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vampires technically (if they existed according to normal anatomy) do not eat any solids and there for could not poop. also smosh referance

Yeah, vampires dont shit, they shart ;)

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Actually (i no there not real) but in some cases vampires do it solids so they can shit/poo whatever but i'm not gonna argue about if vampire can shit/poo or whatever

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Seriously, how the hell is this an FML? Oh I know, now that cat is going to tell all the cats in the neighborhood that you're fascinated by cat poop, so every time you pass by cats they'll be giving you dirty looks, so FYL.

LOL. Ahahaha they were probably thinking about how much of a freak you are..

You stay classy Tasmania. Can you please drift away a little faster?

why do people say "must of been"? is that correct? isnt it "must HAVE been"?? just like so many people are saying "could of been" instead of "could have been" or whatever its so retarded but so many people are using it. makes me wonder if it is correctly used and im being the idiot here.

It's because the majority of us aren't very literate and as such, we often don't check the spelling of our words. My hypothesis is that most people hear words like "could've or should've" (which according to firefox aren't words themselves, but firefox also thinks firefox isn't a word, so... must be an oversight). But yeah, when they hear "should've" it sounds exactly like should of, so that's probably from whence the problem arose. Don't get me started on the "your an idiot" error that everyone makes. "It's" really annoying that "their" so stupid that they won't try to differentiate between them. That is all, feel free to tell me to get a life and whatnot.

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It's used because it sounds that way when you shorten the "have" to a contraction. "must've been" and "could've been" in casual conversation translate to "must of" and "could of" when the not-so-bright people of the world write them out. So you've got it correct, though properly spelling "I'm" probably wouldn't hurt your case.

I think it's funny that you put "it's" in quote despite it being correct.

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When speaking quickly, "must have been" ends up sounding like "must of been," but when typing it out the way it sounds it would actually be "must've been," but either way is grammatically incorrect. It IS must HAVE been.

#26 "it's" was in quotes because the person who began the thread spelled it as "its" while using it to mean IT IS, which is a conjunction, which requires an apostrophe. To #9, who began this whole mess, the other posters are correct. It has become a common misinterpretation from the way it sounds when people pronounce words. Although I do have to say I understand why you were confused due to your personal issues with grammar and spelling. By the way, when you use the term "retarded" you only make yourself look that way, considering that it has not been considered acceptable for many years.


Yes, you're right - the proper way to write that out is "should have". I remember my English teacher in 7th grade telling the class that there's no such thing as freaking "should of". God dammit, I don't care if you don't read when you're at home, it's ******* easy enough to be able to see how to correctly spell things you learned in 1st grade. Why the **** are people so stupid? Anyways, on topic: I'd probably go with a FYL on this one. I probably would have done something similar. It's okay to be curious in learning about animals. :D

Humorizer, if you put them in quotes to show the correct way to put it, then you messed it up too. "It's" was correct, but you put "their" instead of "they're". You have made your comment and it's colorful vocabulary obsolete.

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#9 idk but i ise both? op you should have smiled and waved, dug up ur cats shit and leave it on youre neighbors door step FTW!