By prinzess - 09/12/2010 14:20 - Germany

Today, I said to my wife that I wished I had met her 20 years ago. Her response was, "Twenty years ago I had beautiful tits and many options, I wouldn't have even looked at you." FML
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knight0748 5

Tell her that's fine, in a few years you'll trade her in for a newer and younger one anyway.

At least you have her now! ....yay!


At least you have her now! ....yay!

But she still has that great personality.

MrCalves 1

I can't have sex with your personality, And I can't put my p*nis in your college degree, And I can't shove my fist in your childhood dreams, So why're you sharing all this information with me?

just show me your genitals, your genitals show me your genitals [your genitaliaaaa!!]

watzz da namee off thatt sonq i heard it b44??

Umm "show me your genitals"'s on YouTube. ♥

96 - What's a "sonq"? I've heard of a "song", but never a "sonq".

The_Big_Mac 7

102- nice catch, I had to do a double take. I'm with you though I would like to know what a sonq is.

Reyo 2

"I'm guessing you also had a good figure and more appealing weight number, so yeah I guess you're right."

YDI for marrying a bitch

maybe shes saying that back then she would have been niave and now she realizes what a wonderful person you are

Or she got older and lost some of those "many option". Or she wasnt as wanted as she thought and many of those options were turned down. Sounds like one of those high school cheerleader bitches with a football playing boyfriend to me.

Hahaha ouch!

what a bitch

LadyTammyA 0

Oh nice! So you were the, um - booby prize then??? :)

I see what you did there.

i guess she doent have those beautiful tits anymore?

Kiggerz989 0


XxFallenbladexX 0

awww :(

Love on the rebound...but at least she's honest...

sick picture^^ what is that a mustang?

That's a plane and a parachute

VeeVengeance 0


Schizomaniac 24

It's refreshing to see such profound contributions on this site..

KiddNYC1O 20

Hahaha. Bloody pad.

well that's tittastic for you :P

knight0748 5

Tell her that's fine, in a few years you'll trade her in for a newer and younger one anyway.

dropdeadtrollin 0

honestly, best response. tits down.

wow.. stuck up bitch

ulicksam 0

And you obviously don't even know what that means.

19. He was right, not you. Shut up

WiFi_ght_Club 0

Well, they stuck up at one time. Sounds like now they sag a little.