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Today, I participated in a charity auction at my university where the boys are "sold" to the highest bidder to be a slave for a day. My girlfriend and ex were bidding against each other. My ex won. FML
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perdix 29

Your current girlfriend will come to regret being such a cheapskate. Your previous girlfriend will just come.

Does this fundraiser strike anybody else as, well... creepy?


SmallTownCutie 0

ydi. why would you participate if you had a girlfriend?

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

36: "Charity" auction. Genius.

Hey #43 leave her alone she's just a small town girl  livin' in a lonely world  she took the midnight train going anywhere!!!!

Ismellwin 0

Woah now #47. leave 43 alone. He's just a city boy. born and raised in South Detroit.

syddyb 0

I'd be pissed If I was OP's girlfriend-_-

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Shutuptroll 0

Haha I can't believe I actually got a reply.

I want to be able to "thumbs up" mod posts, because this one deserves it.

you should have seen this coming. thats why you don't leave a nasty trail of obsessive B's behind your path to becoming a player. Amateur mistake. But at least you get to nail the ex on last time. cause you are technically her slave

so you were sold to your ex...? This all depends on who dumped who now... you are in gods hands. lol

Well im guessing if OP's ex girlfriend dumped him she wouldnt be bidding for him.. thats just what i think tough

rachilio 26

Well she could have dumped him and decided that she wanted to punish him for whatever he did

Does this fundraiser strike anybody else as, well... creepy?

thesunsetglow_fml 8

HI-YOOOO! We've had similar fundraising auctions, too, but for specific goods and services. Some examples are various instrument lessons, massages, food, cleaning your room or doing your laundry, etc. Quite successful, actually.

morgiiex3 0

At my highschool for our Christmas charity we auction seniors off for dates, it usually gets atleast 80 dollars a kid, homecoming queen and king for atleast 200, as creepy as it is, the money it raises is well worth it.

my school offered of chances to kick me in the nades... they made 56 thousand dollars... but look at the bright side I can't have kids!

perdix 29

Your current girlfriend will come to regret being such a cheapskate. Your previous girlfriend will just come.

What? Are you kidding me? An apostrophe in the middle of opt? What the actual fcuk? Did you just make that up? Why? Why would you ever think that needs to go there? What in the hell is wrong with you?

SomePinkTape 0

it's **** not fcuk if you are going to correct someone them don't misspell a word yourself stupid Grammar Nazi.

kalejaxson 5

Yeah SomePinkTape. If ur gonna currect sumone elses grammar them do it rite urself.

My oh my, the stupidity here is apalling...

I don't think it's being a grammar Nazi to point out people putting apostrophe's in places randomly for no apparent reason. Woul'd l'ook a b'it wei'rd if eve'ryone sta'rted ty'ping li'ke thi's. And I spelt that word wrong on purpose, it's a fairly well known way of avoiding a comment getting moderated. Like cnut. Which I'll use to describe you.

aludwig723 0

Jonboy, you look like you're ten which you can't help but you're also acting like you're five which you can. just stop.

basically you are selling yourself.. interesting to find people who have prizes.

bwhahaha. your gf didnt even want to bid extra

ZeeBest86 6

he's her slave anyway for the rest of the 364 days...

iSitt 0

why rent the bull when she can get the milk for free

Bulls don't make mil... oh, I see what you did there.

lemonypower 6

What is up with these giant ads. Please don't do flash ads that play music. Seriously the giant ad is bad enough but if I open all the FML's I want to read the comments on I have to find the one making the noise and then close it when there isn't a way to stop it from playing. This is not cool. FML Oh yeah and um.. YDI OP... yeah...

pay for the full version if it bothers you so much

Nevermind paying for the full version. Just mute your pc.

davek 36

Firefox and Adblock Plus. Ads? What ads?